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Home! Remember me?

We got back last night from the longest holiday/family vacation EVER. I was ready to come home a week ago. Here's a quick summary (for anyone that cares).

Dec 23- Off to California! We find out 2 hours into our drive that DH's very lovely (1000% sarcasm) aunt will be joining us at his G-ma's. We consider turning around but decide spending time with his family is more important. Teagan was AWESOME in the car aside from some mild vomiting. It was mild because she was on day 2 of her nearly 2 week "cleanse". We find out my SIL is preggo! Woohoo! That bit of news totally made the trip worth it. I also found out that my mom's mom had fallen in the bathroom and was in the hospital. I was glad she was OK but really bummed that she had to cancel her plans to meet up with us in NJ.

Dec 24-25- Christmas/Food/Wine/Family, lots and lots of DH's family, but in a good way.

Dec 26- Drive back to Tucson. Again, Teagan was AWESOME aside from mild vomiting. We discovered that she loves to watch Youtube videos on our phones in the car. We Rick Rolled her several times and she loved it. We got home at like 4pm.

Dec 27- After 12 hours at home we head off to the airport for leg 2 of our trip. Little did we know it would be the single worst airplane experience of our collective lives. The first plane suffered a sudden depressurization. I didn't know that was what was going on at the time. All I knew was that there was a VERY loud hissing sound coming from the door right across from us, the flight attendants were running around looking panicked, and the plane was descending rapidly. I was pretty sure we were going to die. We didn't, clearly. Oh, and there are no oxygen masks on planes. They are a myth. The second flight was delayed 4 hours. We were made to de-plane after spending an hour on the plane, then we were kept on the plane for an hour AGAIN after we got back on. Really, not that bad considering what we'd gone through on the first flight. Oh, but then we circled the Newark airport for nearly an hour in the worst turbulence I've even been in. There was mild vomiting. Teagan was so awesome through all of it. That kid is awesome.

Dec 28-Jan 2- Lots and lots of my family. Mostly in a good way. Could've done without my brother's girlfriend. Teagan received so many dang presents we had to ship a giant box back. She also ended her cleanse around this point. Seriously, she hadn't eaten ANYTHING since before we left.

Jan 3-8- My mom flew down to Florida to be with her mom while she was in the hospital. I briefly considered going with her. Instead, we went into NYC to hang out with my Dad. It was freaking cold. We had dinner 3 nights in a row without a baby. That was awesome. I already miss pizza and bagels. Teagan was again, AWESOME on the flight back. She'd kept me up all night the night before so I deserved her good behavior. Smile

There are about a bazillion pics from our trip that I have to sort through to write up T's H(oliday)ITLO. I'll get around to it eventually but I'm going to admit right now that its going to be late.

What have I missed that last few weeks!?

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Oh my about that flight out there! I knew it wasn't good from FB and I was afraid of asking at the time. lol. I have no doubt that I would have been panicking in that situation and saying every prayer I remember from childhood. I can't wait to see pics! I'm sure Teagan just had better things to do than eat. Wink

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oh my, my husband would have had a heart attack!! and at that point i probably would have started panicking. Glad you made it back though, can't wait to see pics!

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Yay for getting back home!!!!
OMG, that NJ flight would have sent me over the edge. I'm glad Teagan was so darn good during all the flights and car rides.
Poor girl with all the vomit. She wasn't alone as Odin had vomit during Christmas and traveling too. And how is it that you come out to CA so often and we've yet to hook up?!?!? Ok so we were in San Diego during your exact CA visit this time but one of these days we will hook up during your N.Ca travels!

Again, so glad you guys are back.

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Pretty darn scary flight.. Probably would keep me from flying for a while. Im glad you guys are safe and had a good season!

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Wow about the flight. I got nervous just reading it. Glad everything else went well and Teagan was so great for you!!

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Welcome back! That was a lot of traveling! Those flights would have had me freaking out! They would have had to sedate me!

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Only the people in first class get face masks, obviously you've never read the fine print. They really ought to send flight attendants into combat training before they hire them on a plane. We had a plane ride once where the attendants looked incredibly nervous and kept looking out the windows. We had to wait 3 hours to get on said plane because when we got boarded the first time, they realized one whole side of the plane wasn't working. Needless to say once we finally got on the nervous flight attendants made for a ridiculously long flight during which I made mental notes of all the things I wish I had done during my life.

Glad you're back. I've had lots of updates over the last 3 weeks but pretty sure you've read about them on fb Smile