Home sweet home!

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Home sweet home!

We're back! Our trip was awesome! Teagan was really really great in the car, she was the bestest camping baby EVAR, we saw lots of friends, and I snuggled the crap out of my niece. Oh, and we left the house with a baby who was saying words here and there and having random accidents on the floor but came home with a small kid who speaks in full sentences and went without soiling a diaper for 36 hours straight. Who is this kid and where has my baby gone?

Pics are coming ...

What did I miss?!?!

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I can't believe how much she changed in 9 days!!! Looking forward to seeing pics. Biggrin

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I AM SO EXCITED YOU'RE BACK! Glad you had such a good trip, and I can't wait for pics and stories, and to meet this big girl our little T changed into.

I sent you a FB message re: what you missed at school (transitioning, etc.)

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Glad you guys had a great trip! Wow, it sounds like she grew up this week.

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Glad you guys had a good trip! T is such a smart little girl! Can't wait for pictures Biggrin

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Sounds like a great trip! Amazing that she had so many changes in a week!

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Wow, baby no more - welcome to full-on toddlerhood! Time to yank that IUD, I guess! Wink

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yay for a great trip! did your niece contribute to or ease your baby fever?

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"jperry5683" wrote:

yay for a great trip! did your niece contribute to or ease your baby fever?

A little bit of both. I'm SO happy I don't have a newborn right now. I had little Vivian in the ring sling for a little while and Teagan FREAKED out because she wanted to nurse off the boob that Vivian was covering. I ended up nursing her in a super awkward position. I'm sure she'd get over it in time but still I'm glad I was able to just hand her back to mommy & daddy. On the other hand, she is so unbelievably cute that even DH was reminiscing about having a newborn. I can't wait to have another!!!

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Yay for a great trip! Sounds like T changed so much over the 9 days.

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Welcome Home Honey! Biggrin So glad you all had a great trip and safe travels. Can't believe how much T changed. An Unsoiled diaper in 36 hours? Thats awesome!!

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Sounds like you had a great trip! That's amazing how much Teagan changed in that short time!