Horrible! My head is spinning. (OT)

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Horrible! My head is spinning. (OT)

I just found out (via FB) that a guy from my graduating class died today. It was very sudden and he apparently had a heart attack! How does somebody who's not even 30 years old have a heart attack and die?! He was our quarterback in HS and when we graduated he had a full college scholarship to play football for TCU. By all accounts he seemed as fit as ever. I just can't wrap my head around it. We weren't close, but it's still having a major effect on me.

He married the girl he dated throughout the majority of high school, they have 2 young daughters. I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through! It makes me wish I was closer to her so that I felt more comfortable contacting her. We were friends in high school, but not very close friends. Just wow!!

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How sad Sad I am sorry to hear this..
Maybe it was in his family history? I know it runs in dh's side of the family. according to his doctor his blood pressure is the same as a 40 year old man with heart problems. Dh is 23!

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This guy was 29. 7 days older than my brother.

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Wow! Sad

My first thought was family history too. He might have also had an underlying condition making him higher risk for heart attacks despite being seemingly healthy.

Do you have an address to send a card to? Better than nothing to offer your sympathies.

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I'm sure I can get an address to send a card to, and I most likely will. I posted on her FB like everyone else, but that seems so cheap to me. I think it's just such a complete shock to everyone that knew him. I'm not aware of a family history, but that doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't one.

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Im sorry! It does feel weird when someone you know or knew passes away. I felt like that when a class member was killed in Iraq.

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So very sad Sad :bigarmhug:

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That's just too scary for this "old" woman to hear about. It freaks me out to hear about people my age dying. I would definitely send a card, I agree about facebook seeming cheap. I think it's a nice touch but I think cards mean more. IMHO.

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