How can one keep a straight face?

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How can one keep a straight face?

The other day, Juliet peed in her potty. Then decided to put both feet into it.
I looked at her and say: "Oh, Juliet!"
Juliet looks at me and says: "Oh, Oh Oh Juliet! What are you doing there!"
She spoke French, but her words were clear and pronounced.
I had to laugh.

Her speach is becoming clearer every day. We can now make out whole sentences.

This morning when she woke up she called out to me:
"Maman ? Juliet vient en bas." *Juliet's mommy, come down.*
She sleeeps on the first story of the house, and my bedroom is upstairs.

He brother talks non stop, so she has a good model.

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Wow. It sounds like she has a great vocabulary. The potty story was precious.

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lol! Sounds like she is doing extremely well with her French!

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Lol, that is really cute! I love the funny things toddlers come up with!

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Awww, that is pretty cute!