Howdy girls!!!!

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Howdy girls!!!!

Just wanted to say hello to you all. I've gone back to work....booooo hoooooo. Yesterday was really hard...back to work, business phone contantly ringing....DH tells me that his dad is moving here (oh by the way, my dad is here) and just the overall lack of give a sh*t about me really has me stressed out. I seriously gave him h*ll for never consulting or talking to me about anything, told him more or less we'd (I'd) be better off divorced.

I really can't believe I had to go back to work already but at least I don't have to be in until like 8 and I leave at 2:30. I am talking Friday off....just because.

There is more I could yammer about but I'll leave out all the annoying details of my pathetic life.

I'm really not believing these babies will be 1 soon. Delaney is waving bye-bye and clapping now and she is getting really good at cruising. Oh and if you ask her to stick out her tongue, she will. Lol

Love my babies....

a few recent pics.....

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So cute!
Can't believe July is already over and you are back to work. Hopefully this start of the year isn't too busy for you this year.

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Your life isn't pathetic! You are a wonderful mother/person:0)
Boo for work!!!
Those pictures are adorable! So cute she is waving and sticking her tongue out! LOL!
I can't believe they will be a year either!!!

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sorry things are tough right now. i hope they get better for you. you are so not pathetic!:bigarmhug:

she is beautiful!

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Sorry you have to start back to work. No fun at all! She is soooo cute! Love the pictures.

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:bigarmhug: You aren't pathetic. You are one hardworking mama!

The proof is in the pudding. Delaney is such a cutie pie! How's little miss Marley doing?

I cannot believe I will have a 1 YEAR OLD next month!! :eek:

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Sad that you have to go back to work!! Sad So is his dad moving in with you or just in the area? Hellz bellz I would be pissed too.. Hope he shapes up soon.. Delaney is so precious. She has the same hair as Natalie now!

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Boo for going back to work!

I love the picture in your siggy! Smile

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Bleck to work Sad Thank God I'm in Canada and I get a full year off... Sorry things are rough right now... Your pics are adorable!!!