i am having a

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i am having a

I have a few of u on facebook but wanted to announce here too.

I'm having.....

Another boy!

I was honestly happy either way but I felt boy all along anyways!

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Congratulations! Brothers are adorable Smile

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Love it! Congrats!

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Congrats!!! Trevor wants a little brother so bad. I bet they will have a blast together Smile

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How exciting! Congratulations!

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yayyyy congrats!!!! Biggrin so exciting, do you have any names picked out?

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YAY!! I think 2 boys are soooooooo sweet!!!!!! Congrats!

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No names yet.. I need your alls help!

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YAY!!! Congrats!

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Yay, congratulations!

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Congrats!!! Two boys is a lot of fun.

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yay!! congratulations!

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WooHoo!!!! Congratulations!!

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Yay for boys! Congrats!!

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That is fantastic to hear!!! awww, brothers..... so sweet!!!

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Yay! Brother!