I got my Christmas present early today!!!

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I got my Christmas present early today!!!

I got a BFP!!!!!!!!

I just posted on the other thread that I was getting impatient and now I got it!
My EDD is 8/28/13!!!!

It's weird - my boobs were sorer than usual pre-AF feeling and some weird feelings in my tummy and "down there" so I started thinking maybe this is it! Today is CD 30 for me and I usually start spotting a few days before AF actually shows (anywhere from CD 26-30) and that never happened this time. Yesterday and today my stomach feels "fuller" and "tighter" - I'm sure that sounds crazy, but before I tested, I knew something was going on. I didn't have any HPT's here so this AM I tried testing with a OPK which showed positive and came home and tested with HPT after work today Smile

Just told DH a bit a go when he got home from work. Excited!!! Yahoo

Now to decide if we tell family next week with Christmas? I hate keeping secrets!

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:party: :wootjump: :jumpingbeans: :party:


Congratulations!! What an awesome Christmas present!!!

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CONGRATS!!! :mrgreen:

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Congrats! Sorry to question your calculations, but are you sure it isn't an end of August baby? Just asking because I'm due August 26th, and I'd be on CD 34 right now. It be great to share a board again!

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:party: Merry Christmas To You!!!! Biggrin

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Yipppeeeeeee!! Congratulations!!

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Congrats. Yeah are you sure it's not a typo, because if I get a bfp this month (which I am thinking is unlikely) my EDD is 7/09/2013 and AF is due boxing day for me.

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Yahoo congrats!!!

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WooHoo!! Congratulations! That is great news!!

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Congrats!!!! :party:
(Good Luck Wendy!)

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What??? You mean August isn't the 9th month? :doh:

Thanks for bringing that to my attention....is too early to blame pregnancy brain? Smile I fixed it, so should be right now!

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Congrats!! Very exciting to find out right before Xmas!

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Haha, I have been waiting to update the other thread until it had been double checked. Never too early for pregnancy brain, especially when you already have two kids

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Yahoo Congrats, I am so excited for you! What a great Christmas present!

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Woohoo! Congratulations!

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Oh wow! Congrats!!!!

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