I guess it's normal? (OT-ish)

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I guess it's normal? (OT-ish)

So AF returned to bless my life on March 9th. And has not returned since. . . :shrug:
All HPT's (and there are a lot) have been BFN's. I have days where I really feel like I'm pg though. Heartburn, fatigue, nausea. I guess it could be psychosomatic.

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I'm gonna go with normal. I had three days of spotting a month ago. My friend had me all worried I was pregnant. Have tested twice since with BFNs. I had myself convinced one day that I was pregnant because I had had bad headaches all week, which reminded me of the horrid headaches I had while pregnant in my first tri.

The funny part? Now I'm wondering if I want a 2nd one sooner rather than later. Has to be the crazy in me talking because I do NOT need to be pregnant while taking care of a baby with DH still in training and gone long hours.

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I always think I'm pg. I think hormones are tricky and can be out of whack for a while, seems normal to me.

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I'm going to say normal. I've felt like I've ovulated for 2 months in a row now but haven't gotten AF. I even tested last month around when I'd be late just to be 100% sure. Anything is possible even with an IUD.

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So THIS is how all those pregnancy test companies stay in business. All of us crazy people with wacky hormones! ROFL

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I'm going to go with normal too as I remember it being like that after DS1.

Erin--I'm pretty certain I ovulated too and still nada. My GF said she learned there can be ovulation going on without stuff to shed hence no AF. I've never heard that before but I guess it could be true?

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yep, totally normal! I've had two since Charlie came, one in January and one in March. It was wonky after Ethan too- but in the every-two-weeks kind of way.

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I'm gonna say normal based on what I've heard from other people. Mine come back on time and every 4 weeks right away EBFing, that's abnormal. AF's all over the place or nonexistent sounds pretty normal.

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Definitely normal. When AF came back after DD I had 2 60+ day cycles, then a couple of 45ish day ones, which slowly got shorter until they were somewhat back to normal. I've tested a few times since I've had Luke too. Even with Mirena in, I've still been paranoid b/c I've not gotten AF since my post-insertion bleeding stopped.

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I've had stupid AF back forever.....but yah....I think it's totally normal too.

my g/f got preggers w/an IUD in.....just saying ROFL

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I've had random spotting 3 times since Chloe was born twice was after dtd. So I say normal too. Smile

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I have noooo advice; lol; but what the girls have said previously makes awhole lotta sense! I don't have any memory as to when AF came back w DD1 and I still haven't gotten any kind of period since getting pregnant w Sophie!!