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I like lists

We're heading out on a week long adventure into New Mexico. There will be some car camping, RV camping, hotels, staying with friends, and a fancy dinner (just DH and I :p). I like to make packing lists. Help me out ladies! What does Teagan need for this adventure? Keep in mind I have to fit it all into our Subaru Forester (w/ giant roof whale) and still have room for the 3 of us and the two medium-sized dogs. I have a camping list from our last trip that has all of our stuff (and the dogs' stuff) on it. So, I'm good with all that.

Here's her list so far:
Bumbo (in lieu of a high chair)
Mai Tai wrap
Warm clothes & socks
Clothes for hot weather
Cute outfit(s) for visiting
Hats: warm and sun
Swimsuit and swim diaper
All diaper paraphernalia (wipes, dipes, covers, butt cream, wet bags, extra snappis, diaper bag)
Laundry detergent for washing diapers (yes, I'm THAT crazy)
Blanket to mess around on
Sleeping Blanket

I've chosen to leave our co-sleeper at home because it takes up way too much room in the car and she can just sleep on/with us.

What am I forgetting?! What would you bring? What would you leave behind? What would you substitute with something else (perhaps smaller)?

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That sounds like an awesome trip! Especially the fancy dinner w/o the baby part Wink

You seem to have covered most of it! I might add sunscreen, bug spray, baby wash, washcloths, baby tylenol/motrin, and band-aids.

Also, I know that you said you will be having her sleep w/ you, so this may not apply, but my absolute must for traveling anywhere where he will be napping/sleeping at all is my pack-n-play. It was so awesome during my vacation to Miami. He slept there every night and for naps and we brought it out to sit him in when I needed to set him down for awhile. It's great when the places you are going aren't baby-proofed.

Anyways, have fun!!! I'm expecting cute pictures when you get back!

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Bath stuff for her. Medicines that may be needed.

I'm sure you'll make do as no matter what! Smile

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paci's? if she uses them...

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We just spent the weekend camper camping. I brought so much stuff and barely needed any of it. Here's what I brought and used. Bibs, spoons, snacks, baby food (for when she needed to eat and we weren't ready), stroller, burp rags (cause yeah, we're still spitting up), mai tei wrap, sippy cup, blanket for playing on the ground (we have a picnic table cloth that's easy to shake off), her feet which is her favorite toy right now, dipes and dipe wet bags, wipes and baby wash. Other than that she didn't need anything else. Well, except the finger nail polish I brought to paint her toes pink with Smile but I guess that wouldn't be a necessity. Sounds like it's going to be so much fun.

fyi....I'm a crazy list person. Some day I should take a picture of my "junk" drawer for you guys to see, there are tons of lists in there, and then some are on the fridge, some in my purse, some in my car, some taped on the calendar and a few spread around the house. I can't do anything without my lists.