I messed up!

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I messed up!

Lyla was being kinda cranky this morning and I was asking her what was wrong. She grabbed at her butt and said, "poopy". She sometimes tells us when she's pooped, so I checked, but there was no poop. About 3 minutes later, she walked up to me and I could immediately smell that she'd pooped! It was a stinky one too. I could just cry that I missed such a momentous event in our attempt to PT! :banghead: I feel like such an idiot and I hope that my stupidity hasn't set us back and she does it again.

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Don't beat yourself up. The good news is you'll have plenty of poopy opportunities to do it right Wink

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Aww, that stinks Blum 3 I agree with Erin, there will be plenty more poopies to catch. At least it seems that she understands how it feels when she needs to go.

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One time definitely won't mess her up! Focus on the positives .:D

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Agree with all of the above. I've done that many times, especially since Addy has started asking at really inconvenient times like during a meal or while we're still sleeping...sometimes we think she's started asking, in fact, to get out of something, like to delay bedtime, so it's hard to know when to believe her and sometimes you guess wrong. Don't worry--it's great just that she actually recognized the feeling and told you!

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Great for Lyla to have that feeling!!

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it's a good sign! Lucas doesn't even know what poop means

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I thought Simon was going to poop on the floor today! OMG!!! Good for Lyla for knowing when she has to go!! I think Simon is still has a long time before he starts getting it.

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I did something similar the other week, hasn't set us back at all. Glad she is getting it.

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That's awesome Anna that she is able to tell you BEFORE she goes! Sorry about missing it. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty more times to screw up in the future Smile Clara is so far away from being able to tell me she has to potty at this point so I'm thoroughly impressed with everyone's LO's that already know so much about pottying!!!

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What Erin said :bighug: