I need help!!

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I need help!!

I have no idea what to get Brookelyn for her 1st Bday. How bad is that?? Would love to have suggestions please:)

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I wanted to get a tricycle for Juliet that is a three in one, but they never came on sale:(
I will give her an outfit and those toddler crayons. She watches Joseph colour, and wants to do the same, after sampling the colour.


DH and I would like ot get a big swing sets with a treehouse in the spring. So some of Juliet's birthday money is going there.

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Aiden got a bead roller coaster, a cabbage patch doll, a few books, a xylophone, and ugly plastic cheap toys from the ILs. He'll get more stuff from my parents (including these wood blocks) and friends (hopefully more books lol) at his party in a couple of weeks.

I plan to get this trike for him for Christmas. He also will get more books, wood stackers, wood train, wood puzzles with knobs, and a couple of vehicles from Green Toys.

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Lyla got a pink one of these.


I have no clue what I'm going to do for Christmas.

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We got Ronin one of those 3 in 1 trikes and he loves it.

Glad I'm not the only boy Mummy who gives their boy a doll, Ronin has my old cabbage patch doll to play with.

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"ange84" wrote:

Glad I'm not the only boy Mummy who gives their boy a doll, Ronin has my old cabbage patch doll to play with.

I'm really surprised how many comments I got about that doll just from posting a FB picture! I really didn't think a boy cabbage patch doll was that weird of a gift. I thought most kids got dolls at some point.

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I think a doll for a boy is perfectly fine.

For Evan's birthday, we bought a battery operated ride on tow-mater truck. It can go up to 2 mph!! WooHoo!! His hair will be blowing in the wind!:ROFL: DH also got him a tonka dump truck and I got him a pack of 3 balls (soccer, basketball, and football). I figure he will get a lot more toys at his party, so we didn't get a ton of stuff. For Christmas, he will get http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2402420 and we've bought him a stuffed Christmas teddy bear. I know my sister is getting him some blocks and we will probably get a few books.

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I got clothes for both of mine. They don't care at this age Smile

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Eleanor is getting a baby doll, and that's it. She'll get so much from the rest of the family that I don't bother getting much, especially at this age.

I think baby dolls for boys are perfectly acceptable!

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We have tons of baby dolls for both of our boys. They both love them, even my oldest at 6.

I might be out there but we didn't get Odin anything for his birthday. DS1 got him a wooden shape sorter with the money he had in his piggy bank and his grandmother sent a wooden push toy.

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We got Madison the little fisher price kitchen. She loves it! It was about $40 at Kmart but everywhere has it. She plays with it a ton, and I kind of like it too!