I need a recap!

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I need a recap!

Who is potty trained or at least trying?

Anyone's kiddo hate brushing their teeth? Natalie hates it..

What is everyone's kiddos doing?

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Still trying to potty train. We recently had some major regression so I feel like we are kind of starting over. At this rate I feel like I'll be sending her to college with a pack of diapers.

She LOVES to brush her teeth. Begs to brush her teeth several times a day. LOVES it! She's not really doing anything else but whining and getting into stuff she isn't supposed to non-stop. Since other's on here have posted about all kinds of stuff (counting, knowing colors) their kids are doing, I've had some mom guilt and am trying to teach her some colors, but it's not taking at all.

We are moving to a new town, apparently in December, so we are trying to get all kinds of things lined up for that. Life is busy!!

I love reading your running posts on FB. As much as it makes me feel like a fat loser to be sitting on the couch it makes me want to get up and go for a jog.

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not tried potty training at all. he does tell me "poo poo!!!" every time he goes or is about to though.

He has a love/hate with brushing his teeth. We usually let him do it first, but he just sucks on the brush. Some days he lets me get in there afterwards, other days he throws a huge fit if i try to brush his teeth.

he is busting out more words, but still not a lot of sentances. He has said purple and was right about it before, and if you say "oneeeee" he will say 2 and then kind of jump and squeal. (the squeal is supposed to be 3)

he gets very excited about apples and bananas too lol. he starts yelling them over and over whenever he sees them.

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let's see - we are sort of introducing the potty and she's gone a couple times, had some accidents. Not rushing things at this point.

Yes, Olivia hates teeth brushing, but we make her do it anyway. She's getting a bit better about it.

She's finally learning to climb things, is out of her crib and sharing a bed with her brother. She knows her colors and speaks a lot. Having an older brother helps immensely with language I think! We're working on gross motor skills and fine motor skills since she has trouble with these. She's such the opposite of her brother it's amazing!

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Well, we did a bootcamp weekend last July for PTing just because Aiden was always taking off his diaper and wanting to run around naked. He knows how to sign potty and what to do with the potty routine (and will easily pee!), but we're letting him lead right now for that. I'm too pregnant to care to go to straight underwear. Some days DS refuses to wear a diaper and will wear underwear and potty just fine. Other days he's perfectly happy in his diapers. We rarely have accidents since he's only in underwear when he asks for it. I'm thinking we'll do another bootcamp weekend sometime when DH is around to help after the new year to get Aiden out of diapers expect for at night time. Thought for sure last winter he'd be out of diapers by now, but well pregnancy caught me by surprise. lol

My son is a freak and LOVES to brush his teeth. You can ask him if he wants to brush and he'll get all happy and dash up the stairs to the bathroom. He brushes in the mornings with DH if he's up before DH leaves. He brushes with me whenever we get ready for the day. And then again at night as part of his nightly routine. Yep, strange kiddo. He does a pretty good job for almost 2.

Aiden is not talking much at all, but doing great with motor skills though! Lol Loves to build tall towers out of blocks, fly airplanes and cars around in the air, color (holds crayons correctly and is trying to stay in the lines! lol), beat out rhythms on his musical instruments, and climb onto counters and other places he shouldn't go. He can count 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 with help. Letters? Yeah, I'm still waiting on a mama or mommy first. Ha.

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We are working on PT. We usually catch poo in time, but he has only told us once he had too. Sometimes he will say he has to pee, other times, we try to take him every half hour or so. They go every hour at daycare.

He loves to brush his teeth, but he mainly just sucks on the brush. We go in behind him to brush.

He also loves airplanes and big trucks. We are getting his room ready to have his big boy furniture delivered Wednesday. He can count to 10, but loves to leave out 9. He knows most of his letters and colors. And he is just good at getting into things and being a crazy boy. Blum 3

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Tobey is obsessed with the toilet. He won't use it, he just wants to flush it. He tells me he's pooped though "Boby, no poo" Lol (He hates having his nappy changed) I think it will be a while before we are ready for PTing

He doesn't mind brushing his teeth. Usually he normally asks to do it Smile

Nothing else exciting going on Smile

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we had a few good months of pt and then regressed in a big way. I am now on bed rest and poor dh does not have the sanity or time to deal with it on his own so we are on a break. He will tell us occasionally still and take off his diaper. He is better with poop but still pees a whole bunch and can't keep up.

he loves brushing his teeth. does it pretty well but one of us will go in an finish up.

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We have introduced the potty but aren't forcing anything. She's just not at the point where she's ready. And then we'll have a baby due in about 4ish months, and she'd probably regress then, anyway. So we'll probably wait until after baby is here unless she starts showing some major readiness signs on her own.

Tooth brushing - some nights she hates it, some nights she loves it. There's no pattern. Mostly she just loves chewing on it.

Me - knocked up with #3 due in February/early March. They tell us it is a third girl Smile

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Teagan's pretty much day trained. We've had her panties all day for maybe a month now. She still has accidents (this week wasn't fabulous) but we're done with daytime diapers. She doesn't tell us all the time before she has to go so she tends to have accidents at school. At home I just take her at regular intervals and she does great. We're not tackling night time for awhile yet. She's sleeping well at night and I know we've got at least two hurdles to deal with before we can really address the night time thing. 1) She nurses and/or drinks water from her sippy to go to sleep and 2) she nurses first thing in the morning. Its going to take reducing her liquid intake at night and getting her on the potty first thing in the morning. Neither are issues I'm feeling up to tackling.

Teagan doesn't mind brushing teeth. She actually does a fairly decent job all by herself. She was going through a tooth brush refusal period and then we just taught her to do it herself and she was cool with it again. After she goes at it I give her a few quick swipes to make sure all her teeth have seen a brush.

In just the last few weeks her speech has exploded like crazy and her play has become more sophisticated. She regularly speaks in 5-6 (or more) word sentences and has started correctly using verbs more frequently. I can have little conversations with her. She's also a lot better at parroting back longer words.

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This is awesome! Sounds like everyone is doing great!

I havent started to try PT with Natalie but Ive been thinking about it. She tells me when she has to pee or poop, so Im thinking she knows the feeling. I just havent had the want to do it myself yet. I did buy a small downstairs potty. I think it will be a good thing to try during the colder months when im trapped at home anyways..

I cant believe most of kids like to brush their teeth.. I guess Natalie does like to do it on her own, but its not correct. She just kinda sucks the tp off and then rubs it a little and she does. Then I try and I basically have to hold all limbs!

Natalie is still talking alot. She has been since around a year. Its just getting better. NOW she is throwing more fits. Seriously she is my child.. I thought she wasnt going to do the fits because she knows how to talk, but its just because she wants what she wants when she wants it..

After her birthday I was kinda like CRap I have a girl.. LOL!! I mean really boy or girls, there just babies for awhile but for her birthday she got all kinda of girly things like a tutu, babies, strollers, a pack n play??? and dresses and it just hit me, that my house is going to be full girly things.. like DORA AND PRINCESS STUFF!! Its gonna be weird.. I have already done that with my oldest, and now its like Dejavu.. Im doing it again.. lol

Other than that everything is good..

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We have not even started potty training yet, although I think she is picking up the idea since she started daycare cause she will constantly tell me "go potty" while taking off her pants. She just wants to sit on the toilet lid in her diaper, goofy kid. I am putting training off though, cause I don't feel like dealing with accidents.

She doesn't mind brushing her teeth, but yeah, she more likes to chew on the toothbrush. I usually tell her its my turn to brush her teeth first, then she gets her turn.

Isabelle got a Dora doll from one of my friends for her birthday and she was so excited when she opened it. And she has a tutu which she loves to dress up in, so yeah we have the girly stuff going on here too. She is actually really funny with the tutu, she will ask me to put it on, then she will grab my baseball cap I gave her play with and put it on backwards since it doesn't fit frontwards, grab her purse and put it over her shoulder and tell me "bye bye, see you later" lol! Its quite the outfit, I'll have to post a pic sometime.

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We've not tried potty training. He might be sort-of ready b/c he will usually tell me before he poops, but I'm not ready to deal with all that yet.

He is just like Natalie brushing his teeth. He loves to do it HIMSELF, which consists of him sucking and chewing on the toothbrush, but then I have to literally hold him down while he is flailing and thrashing around to try and get his teeth brushed at least a little. Most of the time I just let him do it, then do the hold him down thing once a week.

He loves learning stuff! So different from his sister! He knows his letters, phonics, numbers 1 - 20, will actually count objects, colors (though most of the time he tells me everything is either green or yellow), some shapes (mostly will tell me it's a square, but he kind of gets circle and triangle). He also likes to copy his sister all the time, and has learned to do forward rolls which is really cute to watch. Smile

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Clara hates the potty as well as having her teeth brushed, basically anything that is not her idea at the moment is a crappy idea and she's vocal about letting you know it. She's a brute force to be reckoned with at this particular stage so I just sort of avoid confrontation with her. DS1 went through a similar stage with the teeth thing so I'm just on auto pilot with her like I did with him. She'll come around and want to do it and then all will be sunshine and roses again.

She is talking nonstop and has better grammar, a bigger vocabulary and better annunciation than 4 year old DS1. She also has a scream that can shatter glass. Have I mentioned she's sort of going through a stage where everyone around her can suck it and she's the queen!? She's developmentally farther ahead than DS1 was at this age but she's got all this "power" and she's gotten a bit power hungry now. Most days I'd trade her for a big mac but she does tell me "I wub you" at the perfect times and it keeps me from actually selling her on ebay so we're just floating along until she gets a handle on the attitude. I'm guessing another 20 years and we ought to be the best of friends LOL. My mom would like to tell everyone that this child is finally my pay back, evidently she is my mini me, which would be why we butt heads so hard I'd imagine Biggrin