I need to vent.....

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I need to vent.....

I cant talk to any of my friends about this as we are all friends with the same girl,
Basicly, she isnt putting her children first, he main importance at the moment is when her next night out on the town is, find the next man for sex and gettin her nails done, (i would understand if she was single with no children).
She has a 9yr old and a 3yr old. and they are palmed of onto who ever will babysit at the time, including a 13yr old. they have no fresh food in the house or food in the cuboard. the kids live of value stuff. whiles she will buy loads of chocolate, alcohol, and bottles of coke for herself. She lives of benifits, her children are there when she is sleeping with every tom **** and harry, the house is a mess and smells fousty, they hardly go to school cause she cant be bothered to get out of bed in the morn.
Today i asked her if she wanted to do something with kids her reply, was i cant afford to do anything i only have enough money to get my nails done and money for going out sat night, i asked her if she had done a food shop and she said i went to supermarket and spent £20 on a weeks shop. (how can you do a weeks shop for £20, i spend at least £70 a week) her nails cost £20 and going out is another £40.
I just CAN'T understand how she can spend so much on her self, and hardly anything on her children, they dont eat any fresh fruit or veg, have any nice clothes, or go on any days out unless its free,

I could never put my children in the same situation, if i had hardly any money and no food but wanted to get drunk i know what i would do my kids dont go with out anything.

Sorry for long vent, i am so mad at her right now, and dont know who else to talk to.

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What is with these British women?!? (I posted the other day about a friend who is palming off her 2 month old with her parents to go on holiday with her husband) It makes me so mad when mums don't put their children first.

You can PM me on FB if you want to have a moan Smile

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That is a hard situation, but if you really think they are being neglected than you should report her. Hopefully they have other family that can take of them.. Where is the dad?

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That sounds like a case for child services. And seriously, WOW that she doesn't take better care of her kids. How awfully sad for those poor babies.

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Yeah, I was also thinking maybe child services should get a call...very sad for the poor kids.

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I would let children's services know. It doesn't sound good for those kids and having every random guy in and out of the house isn't very safe for the kids either. I know it's hard to report, but if no one tells them they don't find out whats going on and the kids could get hurt.

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How sad! Sad No advice, but I'd be very bothered by this too.

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"laurensmitty1982" wrote:

That is a hard situation, but if you really think they are being neglected than you should report her. Hopefully they have other family that can take of them.. Where is the dad?

the girls have different dads, the eldest is not allowed contact, cause he a nutter, and the youngest sees her dad twice a week.

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No advice, that just really sucks for those children Sad That breaks my heart...