If I could...whine..

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If I could...whine..

kick my hubby out of my room I would.. He is so loud. Im so exhausted.. I have to whine and complain a little bit...

First Natalie decided to be a turd-princess and cry for an hour at 4am till 5am, then I finally got her to sleep.

Then the mysterious man and his friend in a car who likes to stop and talk outside my house showed up at 5:30am..BLAH, BLah, blah.. He is so loud that it wakes both me and dh up everytime Lets just say I wasnt nice (I yelled out my bathroom window at them)and hoping he decides to never come back..I think is he does, I might call the cops because there is a noise law in our town from 10pm to 7am.

Then hubby was tossing and turning from 530-6am..I was like seriously dude its friggin 6am and your still tossing and turning.. Just go sleep already. He was like fine, and he grabbed his pillows and went on the couch!! WOOHOO>. I was so happy! I got the whole bed and didnt have to listen to him..

But then my sleep was interupted again at 8am so I could take ds to preschool, and already told a friend I would meet up with her to do a 4 mile run, which went great but now Im like so exhausted Im feeling a little coocoo..

Okay I will try to stop being a crybaby, but I think this is the most exhausted I have been in a really long time. I think I even got more sleep when Natalie was a NB..

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Sorry you didn't get any sleep. The last few months of my last two pregnancies, DH has slept in another bed so I could consistently get sleep. It was the most fantastic sleep I've ever gotten in my life, EVEN being that far along in my pregnancies.

And whine away, I turn into a temper tantrum throwing toddler when I lack sleep so I completely understand!!

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Extra sleep vibes to you tonight. I hate nights like those.

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I hope tonight goes better! We didn't sleep well last night either. DS decided that he'd rather cry from 9-11pm and again at 5-6am....and eat every 45 minutes the time in between while kicking DH and slapping me. No idea what's up with this kid. Oh and DH at one point last time slammed the door and told me to "shut up YOUR baby." Oooooo. I know he had an important flight this morning at 8am, but still no excuse!!!

Sorry, it turned into my own mini rant. Let's just say I'm sympathizing with the whole no sleep thing today.lol.

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Jackie.. I could totally hear my dh saying that too.. Smile

Im def. planning on going bed to early..

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eeeeeek! i hope tonight is better for you

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Ewwwwwwwwwww!!! I feel awful for you!! Lack of sleep and I do NOT get along :s But if it helps any, we got zero sleep over here too... Sophie just couldn't seem to get comfy or settle herself last night and was up more than not... Blah... Onto another night, let's hope it's a better one for all of us Biggrin

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One of the perks to being divorced. No one to hog the bed and keep me up all night! Just saying . . . Wink

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I feel yah g/f.....I too haven't been sleeping well AND CHRIS IS OUT OF TOWN!!! Sad

Delaney has been waking up at 5am when she usually sleeps til 8......I haven't had a real good night of sleep all week and I have the bed to myself. I think she knows Daddy isn't home. Last night she woke up at 3am....she hasn't done that in FOREVER.....she has been sick and her nose was really runny!

Hope we BOTH get some good sleep tonight. Smile

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One of my babies is up at 5am every day. I'm sure they take it turns to torcher me :rolleyes:

And I love it when DH is working nights Smile

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lol Veronica.

i was up last night, but not because of Lucas. There was a HORRIBLE storm i was so afraid i would have to run to the basement. I have never seen anything like it ever my whole house was shaking and i was positive there was a tornado out there somewhere.

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Sorry you ladies have had trouble sleeping. Extra sleepy vibes to you!! Our no sleep nights were last week while DS was sick. Thankfully we are back on track this week.

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