If you saw me in store...ot

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If you saw me in store...ot

would you want to buy me and eat me?

or me?

So I used to decorate cakes, but I kinda got out of that, then I got into cakepops, but got out of that and now Im into cupcakes.. I have made these for a few people and they all give good reviews. Thinking that I could do a side business and totally not have any anxiety about it,, but looking at those would you want to eat them or buy them if you saw them?

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They look a heck of a lot more appealing than the Walmart junk I see out!

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mmmm.....oh, I'd buy some! Dang it, Lauren, now I want some cupcakes!!! They look really good. My BFF from high school bakes cakes, cookies and cupcakes on the side. She loves to bake so it's not a half to kind of job and it's given her enough extra spending money to put towards family vacations every year. She's getting really good too. I say, go for it!

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Mean lady! Torturing me like this! NoM cupcakes!

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Lovely! I love to decorate cakes and cupcakes, and even did a little as a side business, but then grad school came along and dominated what little free time I had. Sad

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They look marvelous....maybe you should send me one to taste test. Smile

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Well darn it, now I NEED a cupcake!

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Look good to me. I'm a bit of a cake-a-holic!! I REALLY want one now...

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I would buy them, they look really good. A lady around here runs a cake tin hire bussiness, I think it would be something easy to set up and run, you would get your costs back fairly quickly.

Ok I will try to make a coherant post now, I thought Ronin had woken up. I think the cupcake decorating would be a good bussiness on the side, you could work as much as you felt comfortable with without taking too much time out from the kids. A friend of my Mum's does cake decorating on the side and really only works for friends and makes a decent amount of extra play money by doing it.

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Would I et them??? LMFAO - How about devour!!!! They look delish!!! I would very much buy these if I saw them in a store Smile Feel free to send me some samples Blum 3

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"Tanned Mommy" wrote:

Feel free to send me some samples Blum 3


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Thanks girls! I think I might try to make some to give away, just for more practice and design ideas.

How about yall give me ideas and I will do cupcakes and post the pics for you guys to view.??

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I saw this on the new posts page and had to reply

oh heck yea! Those things look so yummy. I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

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Oh oh I'll taste test too lol They both look great! The top ones make me think of a grad party & the bottom for a lil girls bday.

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