Isabelle's B-day Outfit

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Isabelle's B-day Outfit

I finished making Isabelle's birthday outfit- hat, onesie and tutu so thought I'd share some pics. I am doing a Neapolitan theme so I used those colors for her clothes. I tried the tutu on and she can't really crawl in it because it is too fluffy, so unless she is walking by then (not too likely) , it will probably just be a photo op and I will get her another skirt or pants to wear with the onesie. I may do a practice cake next, since all the cute cakes that have been posted on here are making me inspired to do a practice cake. Plus, I am just hungry for cake so that's a good excuse:p

And a close up of the hat:

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That is AWESOME!! You did an amazing job! I can't wait to see the pictures of her in it!

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Too cute! You did a great job! I havent even thought of Simon's bday outfit! I better get on it!

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That is super duper cute! What a great job. Can't wait to see pictures of her all dressed up! Biggrin

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She's going to look sooooo cute in that outfit!!! I cannot wait to see pictures now. And definitely share cake pictures with us as well, the good, the bad and the ugly Smile

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Oh my goodness, that is sooooo cute! You are really talented! I can't wait to see pics of her in it!

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OMWORD.. That is so stinking cute. I want one for Natalie now!!

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So cute! I promised I was done shopping for T's birthday. I may have to renege on that one after seeing your cuteness. I am planning to make her a special birthday hat though! I have all the supplies, I just need to put the thing together. You better post tons of cute pics of her IN the outfit!

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That is so super cute! Now I NEED to have a girl at some point to enjoy cute clothes like that!

BTW I'm loving your new siggy pic! What a doll!

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That is sooo cute:0)

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So cute! Great job!!

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that is so cute!! and I love the Neapolitan theme:)

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You sure are talented. That's cute!

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I love the outfit! You have to post pics of her wearing it!

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Oh WOW! I SO love it! Great job!!!

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ADORABLE! It took me FOREVER to choose Emma's. I'm super happy with my choice.

I love that! How much do you think it was to make it, price-wise?

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"elaniemay" wrote:

ADORABLE! It took me FOREVER to choose Emma's. I'm super happy with my choice.

I love that! How much do you think it was to make it, price-wise?

I had a bit of the materials already on hand and spent just under $24 total on all the materials-
$8 dollars for the tutu supplies, just under $8 for the hat, and the onsie was $2 at walmart plus around 5.50 for the cupcake supplies. But I have tons of leftover stuff for other projects- several yards of 5 different kinds of ribbon, white and brown sparkly paper, pink sticky gemstones, fabric paint, wonder-under, brown scrap material, pink sparkly tulle (enough for one more ruffle cupcake if I make a matching bib). I am planning to make little decorated tent signs for the dessert table items with the leftover paper and sparkle gems, and will use some of the ribbon to make little bows to decorate with. And add the remaining leftovers to my craft stash:)

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Such a good job girl, way to go Smile

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Loooooove her outfit!! It's so cute Smile