Isabelle's Birthday Celebration-Pic Heavy and long!

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Isabelle's Birthday Celebration-Pic Heavy and long!

I am doing this in the format of a DITLO as this is probably the only occasion I would take the time to do something like that Smile

I had a very busy week leading up to my first birthday. On the Tuesday before, my mom and dad took me to get my pictures taken at Penney's. Our appointment was supposed to be at 7pm cause mom wanted me to get in before I started getting too tired and grumpy. But they were so busy that we didnt get started until at least 7:30pm. Fortunately I stayed happy until the pictures were done and mom and dad were very happy with how the pictures turned out. Mom doesn't have a way to post them on here Sad but she took some pics of me at home in the outfits they used for the photos.
Tutu Costume with a present as a prop:

And dress:

For my birthday present, my mom ordered me a luggage set since the suitcase I have been using for trips to Gramma and Grandpa's is falling apart and didn't zip properly. Mom had to convince Dad that they should spend the $ so by the time he agreed and Mom placed the order, the first possible day it would arrive was the Thursday we were planning to leave for my grandparents house. So mom was very happy when she checked the order status at work on Thursday and saw that it had come in. Mom stopped on her way home and picked it up. I really like the bright pink color and the polka dots. Let's get packing Mom!

Mom put me to bed really late Thursday night cause she was busy packing and then she pulled me out of bed and put me in my carseat about 11pm for the 3 hour drive to my grandparents house. I was so tired, I just went right back to sleep and didn't really wake up til morning, but mom and dad were pretty tired cause they said they didn't finish unloading the car at my grandparents and get to bed til 4 am! Mom still got up by 8:30am on Friday to make all the food and work on the decorations for the birthday lunch the next day.

We go to church on Saturdays, so in the morning mom took me to sabbath school where I rode on the stuffed turtle you saw above and did other fun things. When we came back mom took a picture of me with my birthday balloons:

Then it was time for my nap. While I was asleep, about 30 guests arrived for lunch-it was a double celebration since I share my birthday with my grandma. I finally woke up and joined the fun.
Hi Mom, I'm ready to party!

I was a little overwhelmed at being the center of attention, but I did pretty good!
Here I am with my Auntie.

And enjoying a moment with my uncle. Last time I saw him, my uncle had a beard and I thought it was scary. Now he has shaved so I like him!

The theme was pink, white and brown, mom said she had lots of fun planning it.
The table:

Mom said she loved these cupcake napkins:

The birthday cake and dessert table-mom kind of went overboard here, she loves sweets, lol!


After lunch I opened my presents. My Grandma gave me this neat-o rocking horse that neighs and makes galloping sounds when you squeeze its ears. I LOVED petting it!

But I was a little scared to ride it, I think I need to get a little bigger first!

I opened more presents.

Whew, all this present opening makes me thirsty!

Finally its my turn for cake!

I didn't really get into smashing it, I dropped some frosting on my leg and mom got a video(which she was too lazy to post here) of me smearing that around trying to get it off, then I started to cry. I guess I am kind of prissy! Mom wiped me off and I spent a few minutes trying to pick up the teeniest crumbs possible. I don't like to be messy! I did like the cake when mom broke off bites and put them in my mouth for me though!:rolleyes:

I think I had a pretty fun first birthday celebration!

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Holy cow, that table spread looks AWESOME!!!!!!

She is adorable. Seriously. (but you knew that!)

It looks like such a great time Smile TFS!

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What an adorable party! You did such a great job decorating and making everything. Smile

And what a great story you shared. Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures of your cutie. :mrgreen:

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I LOVE the pinks and brown table/sweets/cake Biggrin

She's such a cutie!

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WOW you really put a lot of work into her party. It looked AWESOME!!!

she is so cute, it looks like she had a lot of fun.

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Those pictures are adorable!!! And I agree, the table looks fabulous!!!

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Wow! You went all out on that party! It looks amazing!! And that cake looks incredible! What a great party she had.

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She def. had a great party! Her dessert table looks awesome. Im doing something simiilar since the meal wont be huge! I love her outfit!

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Very cute! She looks like she had loads of fun. Your cake is very pretty :}

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Wow, what an awesome party! The desserts look so yummy and your cake came out perfect! What a special celebration for her to share with grandma too. Loving all the colors and her cute dresses! And yay to finally seeing a picture of you since I don't think that I ever have before. TFS.

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Thanks for sharing! Isabelle is adorable and I love your decorating and dessert table!

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"jolly11sd" wrote:

Wow, what an awesome party! The desserts look so yummy and your cake came out perfect! What a special celebration for her to share with grandma too. Loving all the colors and her cute dresses! And yay to finally seeing a picture of you since I don't think that I ever have before. TFS.

No I am sure you haven't seen a picture of me before as I have always avoided posting one in the past Smile I try to stay pretty anonymous with my online presence in general, however since I couldn't resist sharing photos of dd on here since she was born, I figure if anyone I know has ever stumbled across this site, they would recognize her pictures and name and know it was me anyway, so I am coming out of the internet closet, haha! And I would have been limited in the photos I could share for this post if I didn't show any people but her, since myself or other family members were in most of the pictures with her!

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Omg!! Amazing!! Feel free to come plan and decorate my daughters!! I have NOTHING done for it!! She looks like she had such a great time!! Biggrin

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Adorable!!!!:0) So sweet.