Isabelle's One Year Check up

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Isabelle's One Year Check up

Isabelle had her one year doctor appointment today. Everything is looking good, she is meeting all her milestones. She is 19lbs 6 oz, 29 1/4 inches long which he said was 50th for height and 25th percentile for weight which is pretty consistent with where she has been all along. She was anemic at her 9 month appointment so she was getting the iron drops and today her iron levels were much better-the Dr said they look at 3 things with the blood test and 2 of the 3 were up to normal and the 3rd was just a little below normal where it had been really low before so he was happy with her improvement. We are going to keep giving her iron drops for another month then we can stop. She was supposed to get 2 shots, Hib and Pneumococcal, but they were out of the second one so he suggested giving her the MMR shot this time instead, but I want to delay that one, so we just got the Hib. She cried pretty hard when she got it, but she calmed down after just a minute or so and was fine the rest of the evening. And we were in and out in under an hour even though we were the last appointment of the day so that was great!

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glad she had a great appointment!

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Glad everything looks good! Way to grow Isabelle!

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Glad she had a good appt.!

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That's a great appointment!!

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I hate shots. Lyla has her 1yr checkup next Tuesday (almost 2 weeks after she actually turned one), and I'm dreading it.

I'm glad that she's doing so well and growing just like she's supposed to be! She's so cute too. I love your siggy pic of her.

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Glad her appointment went well!!

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Glad to hear the appointment went well. Smile

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Yaaaa for a great appt!! Smile

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glad she had a good appt! stupid shots, I hate when they scream:(