Its here!

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Its here!

Odin's first tooth!
Just days after he turned 10 months old and that one on the bottom right has pushed its way through. Now my poor nips will have to live in fear as the other teeth make their way in. :rolleyes: So a few more teeth and then some hair and baby boy won't look like such a young baby when he turns one.

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Yay for teeth! So far we haven't had too many issues with biting. Hopefully you won't either. Smile

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Woohoo for teeth! Madison still only has two and they're not even all the way through yet so don't feel bad that he's just getting them.

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Yay! Lyla still doesn't have any. But she's got one of her top ones that looks like it's ready to come through any day.

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Josie just got one a few days ago! Finally:0)
Yea for new teeth!! I'd be nervous about the nips too! LOL! OUCH...

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Yahoo Only had one biting issue here.

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Yay for teeth!! Evan had his first one pop through on Sunday. Hopefully you won't have any biting issues.

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Yaaaaaaaaaa for teeth!! They are the cutest lil things Smile Hopefully he won't get you (or at least not too hard!!) Sophie is still toothless... not sure if she'll ever get teeth!! LOL!!

If you can swing a pic; I know I'd love to see!!!

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Yay for teeth! They are so cute! Isabelle has 2 and is working on a third. Hopefully he will quickly figure out the no biting rule!