It's party time (pic heavy)

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It's party time (pic heavy)

Just some photos from Ronin's party today
Look how much my Mummy can load up a pram

Grandad teaching me to take photos

Opening presents

Clibing on chairs waiting for cake (we had a cake disaster where my cousins daughter picked the cake carrier up and tipped it over so my Dad went to try and get some new icing because I cried)


My uncle giving me rides in my Tonka truck

I didn't get a lot of the pics I wanted because I was helping Ronin with everything and organising everything so I'm hoping other people got them.

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Looks like a great party! Time is going too fast. He's so darn cute!

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awww great pics!

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so cute!! sorry about the cake:(

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Great party!! I'm so sorry you had a cake disaster. The important part is that Ronin seems to have enjoyed it. He's such a cutey. He's starting to look more and more like you. Especially in the one of him reading a book.

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The picture of grandad teaching him to take pictures is my favorite. It should be blown up, framed, and given to him. Priceless.

Love them all Smile

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Oh no about the cake! Sad But it looks like Ronin loved it anyway. Biggrin
I really love the picture of him with the huge book. He looks so much older!

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It looks like he had an awesome bday party! And it looks like he loved the cake, disaster and all Smile

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he looks like he had a lot of fun!!! Oh no about the cake, but at least it turned out well anyway!!! Happy Birthday Ronin!!

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Oh yay! I love the picture of him and his granddad taking a picture, that is so precious and he looks so grown up reading a book. Too bad about the cake, were you able to get it fixed?

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So cute! Great pictures!! TFS!!!

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He looks like he really had fun! What a cutie!

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Looks like a fun party!

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Im so glad the party went great!!

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I also love the pic with grandpa. Looks like it was a great party!

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Looks like a great party! TFS!

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Looks like it was a really good time Smile Thanks for sharing all the pics! Smile

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