It's show time (pic heavy)

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It's show time (pic heavy)

We took Ronin to the show on Wednesday night. We drove up to my hometown to take him (hubby didn't have time off for our local one) and I thought I'd share his fun with you all.

We get to the show an Mummy makes us go through the boring pavillions. We started with the animal ones (but no photos were taken).Check me out on the police motor bike, it was the best part of the pavillions

Ok well patting the blue tongue lizard (and the snake but Daddy didn't get a photo of that) was pretty cool too. Oh and my balloon, I loved my balloon.

Then Mummy and Daddy took me to the petting zoo. I made friends with a goat and a chicken

And then I used Mummy as a climbing frame to see my goat friend better

Daddy got me to stand next to the baby goats

Then I had some fun with the crazy mirrors

And played a fishing game where I won a prize, a purple cow

Mummy and Daddy couldn't find a ride they could go on with me and they didn't trust me to go on one all by myself, which wasn't really fair, I'm very trustworthy, I would have just tried to climb off the ride about two seconds after getting on.

Thanks for looking at my fun night

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Looks like it was fun! I like that he picked out the purple cow. Lol

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That looks like lots of fun! It looks like what we call fairs, is that right? Our county fair is coming up in a couple of weeks and it's one of my favorite things to do. I can't wait to take DS and Clara. It's only a few miles from our house so it's not unusual for us to skip over there and eat supper a couple nights that week. There's really nothing better than fair mouth is watering now!!!!

You look so pretty Wendy and Ronin is such a ham. He really is going to be a handful when he's older, you can just see it in his adorable little eyes. He's going to get anything he wants by flashing his eyes a little Wink

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so cute, looks like you guys had fun!

we call those fairs here too. we usually go to the Rockton fair in the fall around thanksgiving. I didn't go last year as i was giving birth lol but it will be way more fun this year with Lucas

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"momW" wrote:

There's really nothing better than fair mouth is watering now!!!!

Agree! I love fair food!!

Great pictures. He is adorable!!

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Aw what a blast! I wish we had decent fairs here. Its too hot and dusty. They had awesome ones in New Jersey when I was a kid.

You look AWESOME Wendy!! Seriously you're fit and you have a healthy glow. WTG woman!

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Del Rio had a "fair" a few months ago. It consisted of 2 food booths and 5 really scary (aka unsafe looking) rides.
Remembering that has me jealous of your show now!

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Looks like he had a great time! TFS!
I love the pic of him looking at the baby goats.

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Adorable!! Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun!

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Yeah our shows are like your fairs. They still have a big agricultural aspect here with judging of livestock as well as baking competitions, arts etc.
I was very good and avoided the food, I had a Italian sasuage hotdog for dinner rather than a dagwood dog and fresh lemomade so I couldn't have a waffle with cream.

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These were super cute pics!! TFS Smile Hehehehehe... I love fairs/carnivals!!