Jackie- pictures of my stash :)

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Jackie- pictures of my stash :)

If you're interested in these let me know and I will mail them to you. I would love to see Zoe get some use out of them Wink

And yes, I have a slight obsession with baby legs....obviously!

The yellow with the white dots has some staining on it but I'm a terrible stain getter outer so it may be salvageable.

The rainbow striped one also has some staining.

And these are all new with tags on. (some of the above are also new but the tags are off)

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OMG cute! If Jackie doesn't want them I might be able to help you out Wink

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OMG Christa! Yes you are obsessed!!! Lol
A couple of these are GN enough that you could put them on Noah! Blum 3
I'm pretty good about getting stains out. Just don't ask me to wash a regular load of laundry apparently. ha ha

I feel like I'm ordering from a menu (don't need them all b/c holy cow you have a lot!!!). I want the pink and black stripe and the one next to it, rainbow stripe, pink with hearts, red with white dots, flowers with stripes (omg how cute!), yellow with butterfly, yellow with dots, red and gray stripe, purple with butterflies (purple!), and the orange and pink striped.
Am I really weird b/c the money would never get used here, but the purple dino totally would?! Lol
Love the red, white, and blue (duh); the mixed dot and stripe in pink, red, and white; and the stars too!

What are you - a collector?! Ha ha. I'm wondering how in the world I'll manage to use all the ones I want from your stash!!!

My best friend from high school gave me a lot of purple, yellow, and red baby and toddler clothing because she hates pink and never bought it for her girl. Ha ha. I had nothing to go with those colors and I love me some baby legs. You are fantastic Christa.

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Wow - super cute stash - wish I had a baby girl to put them on!!!!

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Those are so cute. I never did do baby legs, but wish I had looking back now. Would have been a heck of a lot easier!!