Just some pics I thought I'd share :)

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Just some pics I thought I'd share :)

I hate photobucket... like I detest it! Feel free to add me to FB; Stacy Smith Smile But I thought I'd post a couple pics on here cause it's been forever since I've done so... sooooo here there are Smile




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awww she is so cute! She has beautiful eyes Smile

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So adorable!!!!!!!! Love them! TFS!!!!!!!!

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Your girls are so pretty! Sophie looks so much like your DF in the middle pic.

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You have adorable girls!

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Such cute girls! TFS!

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Those are adorable! You guys make such beautiful babies (hint, hint!)

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Your girls are so pretty! Sophie looks so much like your DF in the middle pic.

Only a million times cuter!! LOL Smile

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i love looking at photos of your girls! they look so close and like bffs! your older daughter looks so proud of her:)

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I really love that last picture of them. TFS! Smile

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So cute! I love her smile in the second pic!!

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I love it! You have pretty girls.

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Your girls are so pretty and they look like they have a lot of fun together! TFS!

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gorgeous babies with gorgeous eyes... thanks for sharing!

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aww, they are so pretty. Lovely long eye lashes Smile

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How precious!

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