Leaving LO behind..

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Leaving LO behind..

in 4 days we will be back on the road to Indiana. I am a bit nervous about leaving Chloe with my mom but I know that is what is best. She did really good the first time we went.. but there were times when she got super pissed off. It was stressful to me, let alone her! So.. I guess it is for the best.
Has anyone ever left LO behind for a weekend? Is it really hard? I feel like I may be a mess.

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At this age, she'll be totally fine! If my parents were better about following my discipline requests (they think smacking a toddler on the hand is okay and I don't) I'd totally trust them to take Aiden for a weekend. Heck, I would even trust my ILs! Aiden probably wouldn't miss me till it came to bedtime and but he'd eventually fall asleep. I used to be more hesitant because of nursing, but he's pretty much weaned now.
When this baby comes I'm letting my SIL take Aiden for however long she's willing. She definitely parents differently than me, but I have no doubt Aiden will have a blast and won't suffer any long term effects from it. Wink

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I wouldn't hesitate to leave A with my mom over the weekend at this stage except that my mom is a really light sleeper and A does not reliably sleep through, especially not without at least making noise, and wakes up without fail at 5:00 or at most 5:30am, so I'd feel bad about putting her through the sleep deprivation. But otherwise I know Addy would have a blast and be just fine. I'd probably miss her more than she'd miss me. Chloe will be fine!

I know it must feel hard, though. I really don't like being separated from A for more than a few hours.

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I have left Evan with my mother before. It was harder on me than on him. He had a blast, and so did my parents. She has kept him overnight a couple of times for us. She always will send me a few pictures of what he is doing. Don't worry, it will be fine, even though you will be missing her. Enjoy the trip.

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If Teagan weren't still nursing I wouldn't hesitate to leave her with someone for a week. Right now I'd be OK with a night or two or three. She'll be fine and she'll probably have a great time!

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Thanks! Yall made me feel much better about this.