let's talk sippy cups

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let's talk sippy cups

I have bought a few for Owen, but he mostly just uses whatever his brothers have. I want to buy him a couple new ones from Amazon (his grandpa sent him an Amazon gift card) but not sure which to get. I want ones that don't leak, don't let too much liquid out at once when he sucks (he tends to choke when using straws because he always gets too much), and that are easy to clean. Any suggestions? I'm okay with buying a pricey one, as long as it works well!

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I don't think I'm going to be any help. Lyla likes the straw sippies the best and she drinks out of a regular straw just fine. I have a sippy of every variety and the straw one get used most. If I do use one that has one of those white, spillproofer thingies, I have to take it out. I have a collection of those.

I bet someone here has some good suggestions, though.

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Aiden has been using these Playtex and Nuby ones for the most part. Easy to clean and haven't had any leak other than the one Playtex one today due to my error (forgot to put the plastic piece back in the inner spout which takes all of .5 seconds. lol). Playtex requires more effort to get the liquid out or at least does for Aiden.

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We have a lot of these http://www.amazon.com/Playtex-Sipster-Cup-Pack-Colors/dp/B000056JAK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1321282857&sr=8-4 Playtex ones. I don't find them to leak, nor do they let out too much liquid.

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I stay away from the Nuby ones now....Delaney collapses the nipple and it leaks everywhere. I find the harder spout ones work better now because she has to suck on it to get anything, works much better now.

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