Linea nigra

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Linea nigra

Hey ladies

Do any of you still have a linea nigra? I still do!!!! It's much lighter but definitely still there. It sort of drives me nuts....not that I am in any shape to wear a bikini or anything.

Is it the breastfeeding hormones that makes it persist??

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I dont think I ever really got the line, so maybe people who did it justs take longer for it to go away.. ????

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I got one but it only showed up in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. It took a couple months but it's gone now. I'd think the darker it was the longer it'll take to go away.

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I was sad when mine went away from ds. I never got one with chloe. I think it only took a few months for mine to go away. But I didnt bf him long and mine was only there the last month of pregnancy.

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mine is gone as well. it took 2 or 3 months to go

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Mine is finally gone. Not sure when it disappeared.

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You know, I just looked in the mirror and it's still there. It's really really faint but it's still there.

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mine is still there and it's not that faint, either... but it's the least of the issues i have down there after carrying twins. lol i hadn't even noticed it with all the stretch marks and saggy skin. :roll: thank goodness my DH is practically blind without contacts or glasses. lol

i'm not sure it ever went completely away after i had my DD.

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I got one but it was pretty feint. It's gone now (I just looked) but it was there last time I made a conscious effort to look, but I can't remember when that was

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Mine started really early in pg. It never got really dark but definitely more prominent and up above my belly button. It has definitely faded but you can still see it all the way up!

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Mine stuck around for awhile too; but I'm pretty sure it's completely gone now...