LOL, just my luck.

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LOL, just my luck.

We are in the most severe of droughts in Texas. We haven't seen rain decent rain in longer than I can remember. Lyla's party is tomorrow and it's outdoors at a local park. Wouldn't it just be my luck that this would happen. Oh well. This party is happening anyway!

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ugh!!! NO! I hope it doesn't rain! I hate that! The same thing always happens to me, it rained on our wedding day.. lol. That is why I refuse to do birthdays out doors.. I hope it passes and you don't get much rain tomorrow!

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We had the same happen here. Monsoon season ended a month ago. We had clear days with highs in the 90s. The day of Teagan's party we had a 30% chance of showers. WTF? We didn't see a drop though. I hope you have similar luck!

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oh jeez that sucks!!!!

it had been sunny with decent temps here all last week. Sunday comes around for Lucas' party and it rains on and off all day and is FREEZING.

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With luck it'll just be cloudy with no rain for the party. Smile At least it won't be 100º!

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Oh no!! I hope it's wrong!!

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Hopefully Jackie is right, enough clouds to bring down the temps, but no rain. I hope it goes well.

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Oh no, hope the rain arrives after her party is over.
Big rain storm just left us yesterday so it must be headed to you next.

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The cancelations are starting to roll in. Looks like it might just be DH's family. My family has all cancelled (it is a 6 hour drive for them), and the few non family we had have cancelled too now. So it looks like it's just going to be DH's family. If it is, I'm going to move it to my house! I am just waiting on one cancel confirmation to officially move it.

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boo...Hope the rain goes away!

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I hope Lyla's party goes smoothly, inside or out!