LONG overdue return!! <3

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LONG overdue return!! <3

Well, after some CRAZINESS I am back in the pg.org saddle!!!!!

As those of you who are my FB friends know, I have been kind of ignoring the internet in general lately. I HATE CHECKING ANYTHING on my phone lol. But we now have a reliable internet connection and I get to come back!! Yahoo

Now on to the real update!

CHARLOTTE: She's doing so well now, you can hardly tell she was ever underweight at all. We've started doing some NATURAL pageants with her (no spray tans or fake teeth for this kid!) and she's being doing exceptionally well. She most recently got Princess and Prettiest eyes in her division. She uses lots of words now (the favorite being "MINE") and is starting to potty train. They formally diagnosed her as being allergic to wheat, though. Sucky for sure, but we can work around it pretty easily. The celiac tests were negative thus far, but hey! That's good news!

Monkey Man turns 4 in exactly 8 days. I am not sure how I feel about that to be honest. :confused: I still see him as my baby, but it's getting harder and harder when I look at this little boy traipsing around the house in his spiderman swim trunks singing along to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Gah! It's almost enough to give even ME babyfever (and we all know how pregnancy and I have decided to see other people...)!!

I got the blood clots under control, am still in stress counseling over the thing with my mother and her husband. (If you would like more information on that please PM me & I can explain) But overall I am doing good! I've lost a lot of weight, the good way Wink and am doing my first paid dance performance since before the kids were born on June 17th. I'll be dancing at the Daddy's Day Cabaret hosted by Shimmy Shack Burlesque. Dh and I have a babysitter and that's his father's day gift. A night at the Cabaret and a trip for Peanut Butter Pie.:)

I've missed you all and am SO glad to be back!!!!!!!!

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Welcome back!!! Sounds like everything is going well which is great!!

How did you know Charlotte had an allergy? Did she have any symptoms?

Good luck with the dance!!!!! Smile

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Welcome back!! I read a news story about your mom and her DH. That sucks. I'm glad everything else has leveled off and is good now. I hope to see you posting again.

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Welcome back Cat. I'm glad everyone's doing well. We need some pics of your cuties!

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Yay for being back!! The dance sounds exciting, you will have to let us know how that goes.

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Hello and welcome back!

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Welcome back, I'm glad everything is going well!

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The dance went FANTASTICALLY!!! I danced to the themes from Dexter & True Blood. Apparently cutting off a wifebeater with a big knife is GOLD lol. AND I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE COMPANY!!!!!!! *eek* anyone who knows what Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is (they tour nationally), Shimmy Shack is where they get their talent!!! Yahoo So this is a possible HUGE deal. Speaking of HUGE deals, I've been selling tutus and dresses and ruffle jeans and stuff on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/cupcakes.glitter.couture) and I just got MY FIRST WEDDING ORDER!!! The girl wants me to do ALL the dresses for the bridal party incl. hers!!!!!!!!!! If all goes according to plan I will be in Texas early next June to deliver her dress PERSONALLY to make sure the dresses get there safe & would love to meet whomever is close enough. Biggrin

As for Charlie's Allergy, she had a long-time rash that NOTHING was clearing up, was fussy, feverish and just really pretty unpleasant. Well, she got hand-foot-mouth in April and didn't eat for days. During this time it cleared up until she got a hold of one of Ethan's cookies and got a REALLY TERRIBLE rash, hives all over and blisters in her bum.

We took her into the ER, they ran tests, settled on wheat allergy and then ran a bunch of tests for celiac just to be sure.On a good note, we found out that CHEBE brand bread mix is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Gluten free too!!!

Anna- thanks for that. It still sucks to try to read some of the news articles because she blamed everyone but herself...... and then people make horrible comments about her without even knowing her...... *sigh*

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Hi! I'm one of the new members - my DD was born in December 2010.

Just wanted to say we love Quinoa - it's a grain without gluten/wheat. has kind of a nutty flavor, delicious! Smile

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Congratulations on being accepted into the company and on your facebook orders. It sounds like things are going very well!!!