Look at my baby!

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Look at my baby!


There was sound originally, but somewhere during the emailing and uploading process the sound disappeared. But you aren't missing much, it was just me yelling and hollering excitedly!
But we FINALLY got this on tape, and those are the most surefooted steps she's taken!

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Such a great video!

And totally jealous. My son can barely stand when holding on to an object. If he pulls himself up, he almost immediately falls down! lol

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The sound on my laptop isn't working :(. DH broke it. Jackie, is it worth throwing up on the TV to hear Anna squeal?

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There's no sound. lol.

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Oh I love it!!! I love how surprised and happy you look when she does it!!!!! Soooooooooooo freaking cute!!!!

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omg how cute!! i love it!!:)

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Love it, and you look so excited

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Awww, look at her go!

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awww wtg Lyla! what a big girl!

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aww, that's great. Tobey will only walk if he's holding someones hands

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Awww!! I love your happy smiling face! Good job Lyla!

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Go Lyla Go!!!! Smile

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How exciting!! So precious!!
We never got Josie's on tape:0(
And I freaking missed Jonah's...

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Eek!! That is SO exciting!!!! OMGosh! Way to go Lyla!!

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Love your reaction. How exciting!