Lucas' Party!

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Lucas' Party!

Today we had Lucas' party and he did pretty good! He never cried or had any meltdowns today, he got a little fussy during the presents but i was holding him so i just put him on the ground and he was fine. He let people hold him and play with him. At one point DH's cousin had him and when I went to go look for him I found people strapping him into his high chair in the kitchen and giving him some bread lol. He was ok in there for awhile just watching everyone and eating bread. We brought the cake out to the living room to him where FIL was holding him and the whole room sang happy birthday to him. it sounded like a big crowd was singing and I got teary eyed for a minute that everyone was singing to my baby:) I wish I had gotten that on video camera, but I think my mom might have so I will check with her. i took hardly any pictures as well i was running around too much. I gave my brother my point and shoot and my friend's DH my fancy camera. When I was talking to them my friend said that he had wanted to bring his fancy camera but left his at home so I was like "oh, well then here! take mine" lol it was a good day for all! so here are some pics from below.

Birthday boy!

in his high chair watching people!

FIL thought this would be funny

Hanging with my friend

with grandpa! my dad

opening presents and trying to steal his cousins hat LOL


this is the only good shot i have of the crowd that was going on. There was more in the kitchen!

DH took him around to give everyone kisses after

After the candle was blown out, Lucas had ripped a spot of the cake and shoved it in his mouth! LOL there was a big hole left in the cake

with FIL

my cake! the hole at the top was from the candle and the bottom left is where Lucas ripped the spot off. I didn't make those haha

FIL feeding him some cake

playing around with SIL

and this is the cutest thing EVER. After everyone was gone our friends stayed for a little bit and Lucas was playing around. DH and my friend's DH were playing video games on the couch and my friend put Lucas over there to sit with them. Whenever we do this he NEVER sits still. He just layed there and watched so I knew he was going to pass out and he did. DH actually thinks this photo of him and our friend is embarassing but I think it's adorable!!

and as a bonus pic, the photographer posted a teaser shot from the photoshoot yesterday! if you have me on facebook you have probably already seen it.

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Aww, looks like he had a great day. He's so cute

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Aww he's adorable. Love the passed out pics, too cute

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Omgosh he is ADORABLE! The pics are amazing Smile It looks like Lucas and everyone else had a really good time!! Smile

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Wow! You had a full house!!Looks like a great time! Lots of presents and got to be cuddled by everyone!

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Janice, those are really good pictures! I love the one on the couch where he's passed out and I really really love the teaser pic from the photoshoot. I cannot wait to see the rest of those!

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Awww, I love it! Looks like he had a really great first birthday party! I think your cake looks good, you are way too hard on yourself!

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Looks like a wonderful party! He is obviously a popular little guy. Smile Love the post-party pics.

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looks like he had a super fun birthday!! Everything looks great.. I really like his cake Biggrin
Trevor also enjoyed looking at the pictures.. he thinks that he got some cool Thomas the train toys Biggrin

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Looks like he really racked up on toys! Biggrin

What a fun day, and your cake doesn't look nearly as bad as you were making it seem! Lol. TFS!

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Looks like a great party! I'm glad he had a good time. I can't wait to see more smash cake pics!!!

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He got a lot of toys and clothes!

I have to say, that wasn't the original cake I was freaking out about. I had some leftover fondant from my practice cake and i ended up ripping the other one off and putting this one on. I just didn't have enough so it didn't quite cover the bottom as you can see. I still wasn't thrilled with it, but it looked a lot better then the other one. Also when I was taking the original out of the fridge, the foil was all stuck to the cake and it ripped the fondant off!! I am so glad I went and put on the one I had from my practice cake. I would have cried if that happened at his party lol.

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Great pictures, it looks like Lucas had a blast. I really liked the passed out pic too. Super sweet. Great smash cake picture too!!

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LOVE the pics! Especially the one where he is knocked out on the couch, sooo cute! Looks like a terrific party and a fun time for everyone!

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So adorable!!
Love the pics!!!:0)

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What a great party! Lucas is getting so big...I love his cute little face and all his expressions...he cracks me up!