Lucas - Party & Checkup (Pic Heavy)

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Lucas - Party & Checkup (Pic Heavy)

Hey girls! Lucas had a fantastic birthday party! I had so much fun with all of it, but it was exhausting! Luckily he has amazing grandparents that love to help out, I don't know what I would do w/o them. It was a Halloween costume party with a pumpkin theme. Everyone looked so cute in their costumes, and I think his cake turned out really cute! I had a lot of fun with it, and will probably use fondant for lots of future cakes. Lucas didn't really know what to think of his cake and didn't really eat it. I was surprised, but it was also naptime by the time we had cake. Overall he did really well, though I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the people. Understandable! It was a beautiful day and it couldn't have been more perfect! Of course I am posting lots of pics for you, and eventually I will get around to putting even more on facebook. I'm leaving to pick the kids up early from the sitter in about 1/2 an hr so I can take them trick-or-treating. Lily is SOOOOO excited! Biggrin

I also had Lucas' 1-year checkup today. He had lots of shots and they pricked his finger to check his hemoglobin and lead level, poor thing. Sad But everything is going great! He is 21.5 lbs (between 25th% - 50th%) and he is 30 inches long (50th% - 75th%). Idk what his head was, but it was just under the 25th%. He showed off his walking skills for the doc, and he was very impressed with his vocabulary and says it's more on par w/ a 15 mo old.

Pic time! Sorry they're big, I don't feel like resizing them.

The spread:

Monster buns for our hamburgers:

Mummy pigs-in-blankets:

Witches fingers:

Spider web cheesy garlic bread:

Brain dip:

Wizard hats:

Gremlin cookies:

Ghost meringues:

My pumpkin cake and Lucas' smash cake:

Here's what the inside of the cake looked like (and it tasted yummy too :D):

Enough food pics, here's me and my little puppy bday boy!

Me & my cute little kitty cat:

My whole family (Lucas, me, Lily, my sister, my mom, & my dad):

Bonus pic of us with my (wonderful!!! *sigh* Lol boyfriend and his daughter (I'm not sure where his son was for this pic):

Sorry I don't have a lot of pics of Lucas by himself. He was really wanting to be held by someone (i.e. me) the whole day. But here he is playing with the workbench my parents got him:

Not sure of what to make of the cake:

And this is the only bite I'm going to take!

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me!!

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very cute. I love the theme and all the food. Very inventive Smile The cake looked awesome too!!

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Wow, you did a great job with all the halloween themed food! Loving all the pics! He looks like he had a great birthday. I'm glad that he is growing well too!
Yay for a pic of your BF! TFS!

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Wow!! The food looks amazing, very creative!! It looks like it was a great party!

P.S. I was just wondering the other day if you and your bf were still going good. Glad to see you are.

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Wow everything looks amazing! I love all the cute treats you served! Lucas and Lily look so cute in their costumes! And so do you adults! My two younger sisters (both adults) love Disney characters and my youngest sister has dressed up like Snow White for the last couple of Halloweens. The pumpkin cakes were really cute, you did a great job on them. My dd didn't really like her smash cake either. She cried when the frosting got on her leg and just picked at the crumbs. Glad things are still going great with your BF!

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I LOVE all the themed food! And you did a great job on the cake. Smile

And glad to hear things with you and the BF are still going strong.

TFS!!!! :mrgreen:

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Awesome!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfits!! So neat!!!!!
How creative!!!!!!!!!!

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What a cool party! I like how everyone participated in wearing costumes.