Luke's 6 Month Checkup and Updates

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Luke's 6 Month Checkup and Updates

I took him in this morning. He has thankfully gained another lb since his weight check a month ago, and is following the growth curve now, so the doc said everything is fine there! I'm so relieved. He is 13lbs 15oz now, so he's still tiny at the 3rd% for weight. And he is 26.5 in long, just over the 50th% in length. Still my tall, skinny guy! His head is 16.25 in which is still 5th%. He got 3 shots and an oral vaccine today, but my sitter said he was good for her after his shots today. He slept a lot, but was pretty happy all day.

Lucas really is doing great. I feel so lucky to have such an easy-going, happy baby. He almost never cries unless he is tired or hungy. He is now fully ff, and eats 2 meals of solids/day, although we've only done cereal, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Tomorrow we move on to peas. But he LOVES his solids and eats an entire Stage 2 jar in one sitting! :hungry: He STTN and wakes up happy and babbling to himself until I go get him in the morning. He loves to laugh, especially at his silly sister. He can get himself to a sitting position and will sit up for minutes at a time. And he is definitely crawling, although he hasn't perfected it yet. He will crawl 3 or 4 times then fall back down, then pull himself forward on his tummy then do the whole process again. But he gets around!

Saturday the kids and I leave for Miami with my family!!! My grandmother and some other family lives there so we are going to visit. I'm so excited!! I'm so ready to go lay by the pool and take the kids swimming and to the beach! We'll be there all next week and I will probably be MIA while I'm there. Wish us luck taking a 2 yr old and a 6 mo old on that 11 hr drive! We're driving overnight, so hopefully they will sleep the whole way!

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Im glad the weight issue has sorted itself out.:) have fun in Miami!!!!

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WTG Luke! Obviously being smaller hasn't stopped him one bit. lol. Totally jealous of him STTN. Wink

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Oh yay! He sounds like he is doing wonderfully. He is such a mover. You are going to have your hands so full when he figures out how to walk, which probably won't be too long Smile

Have fun in Miami, can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Don't worry about us, we'll be okay while you're gone, just enjoy yourself, you've earned it!!!!

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Miami! SOOOOOOO jealous. Have a blast.

Happy to hear he gained some this month Smile

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yay for good appts!

have fun in miami:)

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Sounds like he's doing great! Have fun on your trip!

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Way to grow Luke!!! That's so awesome - what a weight off your shoulders!!! Biggrin (Oh, that wasn't meant to be any kind of pun...)

I'm really jealous that you are going to Miami!! You better have the time of your life, even if that means, doing absolutely nothing!! You tottally deserve it girl Smile I expect pics!!! Biggrin

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Yay Luke! And Yay for Miami! Also very jealous of him STTN :p.

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yay! Have fun in Miami and make sure to post some pics!

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Good job Lucas.. Have fun in FL!! Hope the drive is okay for you!