Luke's 9 Mo Check-up

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Luke's 9 Mo Check-up

I had his 9 month well-check yesterday. No shots at this one, so that was the 1st bit of good news! Secondly, he is back on the charts for his weight!! Yahoo He shot up from below the 3rd % to between the 10th & 25th% at 18lbs 5oz. He is 28 1/2" long, between 50th & 75th% for height, and his head is 17 1/2", which I think was 10th - 25th%? The ped was pretty pleased that he is already pulling up, cruising along the furniture, and standing on his own for up to 30 sec at a time. I believe he will be walking soon. He has already attempted several steps while he's not holding on to anything, but he hasn't completed one w/o falling, so I'm not counting it yet!

Anyways, the only bit of not-so-good news was about his eye. He has had a blocked tear duct since birth, and while I thought it was getting better, it got worse again when he got pink eye at 6 mo and hasn't been getting any better again. The ped said that if it is still blocked at 1 yr they will refer him to an opthamologist and they might have to do minor surgery to unblock it. :eek: I'm really hoping it gets better, I don't want my baby to have surgery no matter how minor!!

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He's totally going to be walking soon!!! :mrgreen:
That's really great news that he's higher on the charts. Hopefully his tear duct will improve. Smile

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yayy!! ya i saw him stand in your video and though "holy cow!!!" i hope his tear duct clears up!

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Way to grow Luke!! I'm guessing he'll be walking by the end of the month! I hope his tear duct clears. Sad

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Yay, glad he is growing! Sounds like he will be walking really soon! I hope his duct clears up so he doesn't have to have the surgery.

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I was so scared Clara was going to have to have surgery on her clogged tear duct. I've heard it's minor though and nothing to worry about, but I know it's way easier said than done.

He is growing so well!! I showed DH the video and he couldn't believe Luke and Clara were the same age. He's just so much more mobile than she is!!!

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Glad he is back on track...
Sorry about the tear duct...I'd be scared too...I know my hubby had like 12 surgeries on his eyes...and I always worried for my kids...but it was for a lazy eye...and something else.
Anyway, Prayers.

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Way to grow!! Biggrin I can't believe he'll be walking soon!! What a go getter! :d I'll keep my fingers crossed that his tear duct clears up before then... I completely agree, no matter how minor, I don't want to see my baby have any surgeries!!

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Sounds like he is growing great! He'll be walking any day now I bet!

I'm so sorry about his hear duct. I hope it clears on its own. Did the doc mention anything about massaging it daily? I thought there was something like that you could do to help it along.

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sorry about his eye. I hope it clears up by itself. Glad he's back up on his charts Smile

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So glad he's gaining weight!! Yahoo Hopefully the tear duct clears on its own and you don't have to worry about it.