Luke's weight check

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Luke's weight check

So I feel a lot better after taking Luke in this morning. He is still below the curve on weight, around the 3rd%, but he is gaining some. He's up to 12lbs 11.5 oz, which is exactly 1 lb more than he was a month ago. The doc looked at him and said he looked great. He said that it sounds like he's eating enough, b/c babies that are starving won't have growth spurts like he did that jumped him up to the 75th% in length, and that he also probably wouldn't be sleeping 10 - 11 hrs straight at night if he were hungry. And the fact that he's really active probably has something to do w/ it as well. I'm so glad my peds are so nice and helpful!

On a bad note, my pump is crapping out on me. Sad It really sucks, or rather, doesn't suck :confused:, anymore! I am getting maybe 2 oz out of a side, but after the pump stops getting any I can still get milk to squirt out practically across the room! Last night I hand expressed another oz after pumping, and might have gotten more if I had felt like doing it for longer. My pump was my bff's, and she used it for 6 mo, and now I've gone 5, so maybe it's just lived out it's life? What should I do? I don't think I'm ready to switch to all ff yet, but I absolutely need to keep pumping at work if I want to continue. Should I rent one? Should I buy another one, but a cheaper one than my Medela PISA? Anyone have a less expensive one that they like?

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I bought mine off of craigslist and just got new tubing/shields (you could use what you're already using if you get another medela).

You could always sell it again after you're finished. You could think of it in terms of how much formula would cost vs. buying another pump...

But wtg on the weight gain, Luke!! Yahoo

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You can rent one from a local WIC office, they may or may not have electric ones, so Im not sure. I got mine off Craigslist too for only 40 bucks and it was practically brand new. Advent Manuel works great BTW..

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I'm suprised WIC won't let you borrow one because you need to pump @ work....they are so pro-breastfeeding. If that doesn't work you can check e-bay and CL to find a used one and then buy the new tubing.

On another note, I wonder if Melissa wants to sell hers. She got one and only used it a few times...she's just breastfeeding and I think will until she goes back to work. I'll check with her and let you know. Not sure what kind it is either.

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Yay for a growing baby! Smile

(I've had good luck with my manual in the past....not that I use it right now lol)

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I'm glad that Luke is growing so well. Have you checked with WIC? They should let you check out one of theirs.


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WTG Luke!

I have to mention, I *love* your siggy pic Smile

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Well done Luke on the weight gain!! He's fine, he's just going to be tall Smile

Sorry about your pump

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Yay for the weight gain, and boo for the pump going out! Hope you figure out a new plan!

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I'm glad to hear he is gaining weight. I know you've been worried. That really sucks about the pump. I would think WIC would be able to help out too. If not, let me know, I might be able to help you out. I have tons of friends that bf and a few are done having kids. It seems like I always know someone selling a (really good) pump.

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How new is that pump? I remember reading somewhere that there was a recall on the newer ones, that the suction would give out. A medela PISA should not be crapping out on you after just 11 months of use.

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Also, try replacing the membranes and see if that helps.

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the suction on my swing got really bad and i followed the instructions for cleaning and it worked like new!! not sure how different the pisa is, but for the swing i just had to flush it out with water and let it dry. if you have the instructions try seeing if there is something like that to clean it.

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I'm so happy to hear that Luke is gaining weight! Ya!!!

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WTG Luke!
I'm so sorry about your pump. But no it should not be crapping out after only 11 months of use. Maybe try replacing the membranes or cleaning like someone said. I'd also call the co. and ask them about it. Just say your the org. owner and got it when you had your DD so you don't have any receipt.