Lyla's 1 year appointment

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Lyla's 1 year appointment

So my little toot had her 1 year appointment today. She showed off her stellar walking skills for the doc and tried to help her type on her laptop. The doc was very impressed with her gross motor skills and even her diet, despite that she's not a big solids eater. She said that what I was doing was perfect in allowing her to control how much she ate at each meal.

Her stats:
Weight: 21lb 3oz A little low, and she only gained 1.5 pounds in the last 3 months, but she said that she's not underweight and they prefer it if they are slim. :dontknow:

Height: 30 1/2 inches Which is apparently the average height of a 16 month old.

Head: 19 inches She has a big mellon!

She got 3 shots totalling 4 vaccines. She got the MMR, Varacella, PCV13 for pnuemonia and meningitis, and the offered the flu shot for her so I went ahead with that one too and will go get my own tomorrow when our new insurance kicks in.

She's napping right now and I will be keeping a close eye on her today and doing a lot of cuddling (ah the sacrifices we make) with her. She got a runny nose that started yesterday afternoon, but no fever or anything else. It's so good to hear that your child is perfectly healthy and doing so well. I makes me feel like I might actually be doing something right as a mother.

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YAY for a great appointment! Smile

If Aiden is 20lbs at his appt I'd be surprised! Kid lost weight from 9-11 months. :rolleyes: Sounds like Lyla is exactly where she needs to be! I don't think most kids gain much from here on out since they're so active and not really eating more. lol

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Yes, their weight gain goes down a lot. I do not have much to compare since Trevor is tiny but chloe hasn't really gained much weight in a while either... glad she had a great appointment and that she is doing so well!! Biggrin

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Ya Simon is the only one who continues to gain weight like a newborn. God knows how our appt will go. I'm sure the dr will accuse me of feeding him mcdonalds. Sad

Glad Lyla is doing so well! Smile

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Sounds like a great appointment to me!! Boo for shots though

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Sounds like she's doing great! Teagan has gained a total of 2.5 lbs in the past 9 months. How's that for a slow down? I'm not surprised whatsoever at Lyla's 1.5 lb weight gain considering she was one of the first to start walking. I hope the shots don't bug her much in the next few days. Teagan was super sore after her previous shots but they didn't phase her this time despite a warning that the MMR site would be sore. I think all the moving around they do now helps to work out the soreness.

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I'm glad the appt. went well. Sounds like she is doing great!

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Glad you had a good appointment!! I hope you have enjoyed your cuddle time with her today.

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I'm glad she had a good appt!! her height and weight is almost exactly the same as Lucas

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Sounds like a great appt, asides from the vaccinations!

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Yay, sounds like she is doing great! Boo for shots though.