Lyla's Announcement. (Video)

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Lyla's Announcement. (Video)
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I love the older mans (grandfather ??) reaction, "already". What a great reveal.

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***Lurker from Sept 10***

I had to comment because that was too cute! I thought the older guy saying "Already?" was hilarious and I teared up a little at the older lady's reaction. It looks like you have a sweet family.

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Such a cute video!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Brought tears to my eyes! That woman is SO sweet and adorable. I love her pure joy!!:0) And Grandpa's comment is priceless!!
What a wonderful surprise!!!:0) That is truly a treasure!!:0)
CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are beautiful!

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lol at the grandpa!!

that is soooo sweet i teared up as well. I am so glad you have this to remember always:)

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Awww...that was great. Tears here too. Congratulations!!!

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That is so cute.. That almost made me wanna cry!

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That was so sweet!!! I love their reactions! What a great thing to have for baby #2 to see when he/she grows up! TFS!

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Totally teared up as well! So sweet! TFS!

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Great set up and video!!! Very sweet. TFS! :mrgreen:

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Okay, good, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that got teary eyed. That was a great video Anna! I love your MIL's reaction!!!! Thank you for sharing that with us, it was wonderful!

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Yup, had to break out the tissues here as well! Soo sweet!

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Aww, how great is that?! Biggrin

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Omgosh, adorable!! I too, totally teared up! Looooved everyone's reactions! Biggrin

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Glad I wasn't the only one that teared up! TFS

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I'll join the club of those that teared up! I have never had that kind of reaction and never will. SO jealous!!!!