Lyla's New Room Pics

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Lyla's New Room Pics

By popular demand, here are some pictures of Lyla's new room. Like I said in the chat thread, it's nothing special, but it's hers. She loves flowers and goes nuts for them whenever she sees them so there are lots of flowers for her.

This is from the view from the corner. That is the knit blanket she got at her baby dedication and her dedication certificate on the wall.

A view of her changing table. Complete with a full laundry basket!

The view from the doorway

And the little lady that all this effort is for. . .

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Awesome!!!!!!!!! love it!!!

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Good job Anna. Smile

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Super cute! I especially like the last one ;). I think we have the same crib.

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I love it! Super cute - the room and the baby! Biggrin

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Her room is adorable!! Soooo cute!! What a little pumpkin Smile

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Love it! How cute all the flowers! Of course the last pic is my fav., what a happy little gal!

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It's very nice. And she's such a cutie

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Her room is lovely and she is such a cutie.

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very pretty.:)

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That's great! I know Owen would love his own "space" for now, he gets to share mom and dad's room! Smile

I love the flower fabric!

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That is adorable!!

I love the bedskirt/curtain/pillow/wallart fabric!! So cheery and girly.

She is a cutie pie. :bigsmile:

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Thanks ladies! The curtain etc. was a sheet set that I bought to use as fabric. It's so much cheaper than buying the yards of fabric at the fabric store or even walmart!

My little pumpkin seed is 6 months today! :):(:confused: Whyyyyyyyy?! I'm not ready!