Maternity pictures. Should I do it?

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Maternity pictures. Should I do it?

So a friend of mine, (actually a girl I used to work with) now has a photography business. I was thinking of contacting her for maternity pictures this time. I didn't do any maternity shots last time, and I thought it might be cute to do them this time with Lyla. I could get DH in them too. I'm just not sure if I could get DH to in on the cost. . .

HERE is a link to her website.

The cost would be about $100 dollars for the lowest priced package.

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i think if you like her pictures and can afford it, go for it!!:) $100 is pretty typical for a basic photoshoot.

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I think if you can afford it than you should do it.. If the price seems a little steep, which to me it feels like it but that is probably because I am super cheap then maybe you can look around. Or ask her if she can give you a discount for less photos.. You never know what she will say.

I looked around and found that price to be average but then I came across some on FB and the friend I know only charges $65.

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Her prices seem about right to the lower end from my online research. I think it would be great to get family photos done, including a few of Lyla and a few maternity! Smile

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$100 seems cheap to me but that depends upon what you're getting. For our maternity shoot, we paid $250 and we got about 60 edited digital images. We paid the same guy to do her 1 year photos for $300 I think and got about 50 edited digital images. The second was more expensive because he was there for about 2.5 hours. I MUCH prefer to get the digital images and print them myself. A lot of photographers won't do that unless you pay them a lot of money and even get mad if you ask. I wanted to get this other photographer I know to do her party because she takes awesome kid pics but it would've cost about $500 for her to give me a CD. I've never hired a photographer who charges by the print. It seems archaic to me.

Her work looks nice. Its important that the photographer knows how to deal with kids. For our maternity shoot (no baby, obviously), the photographer was awesome. I was less than thrilled with him the next time because he's not experienced with kids. It takes an extra skill set to deal with all the movement and impatience and having kids doesn't automatically provide it.

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If it's something you've always wanted to do and will regret it some day that you didn't then yes, you should do it! $100 seems pretty fair.

Does she have kids? Maybe you can barter services with her - don't you sew/embroider some cute stuff?

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If you can swing the cost I would do it. I had mine done for free as portfolio builders but I never got the pictures which I am sad about. I should get my aunt to chase them up as her daughter and the photographer's younger sister are bff's but it has been so long now. You could always lokk around craigslist and stuff to see if anyone is doing discounted or free shots for portfolio builders and/ or practice to get into that area of expertise.

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My maternity photo shoot was $125 for an hour long session, plus a cd with about 100 or so full sized images on it. Rowan's one-year shoot with a different photographer was the same price, and we got a cd there too, but in that case, the photographer was a friend of mine and she waived part of the cost (otherwise, it would have been $250). So depending on how many pictures you get and the size of the images, I would say $100 is a great price.

And I think it's totally worth it to do a maternity shoot. I had mine exactly one week before Rowan was born, and it was the point in my pregnancy where I felt huge and uncomfortable, and it just made me feel good about myself to dress up and get my picture taken.

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I also vote to go with it