It may be time for another baby! (He's here!)

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It may be time for another baby! (He's here!)*-Joy-s-(jolly11sd)-Birth-Lodge-*&p=8908488&viewfull=1#post8908488

Joy has been having contractions off and on for days for those who haven't been following her birth lodge. She's also had a fever and has spent quite a bit of time in bed. Sad Here's hoping that her energy stays up and her LO arrives safely soon!!!

In case you missed it:*-Joy-s-(jolly11sd)-Birth-Lodge-*&p=8908571&viewfull=1#post8908571

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Wooohoooo!! YAY!! Congrats Joy! I'm so happy the birth went well and that sweet baby boy is finally here! Can't wait to "meet" him!

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That happened crazy fast!!! I just went to her lodge to check on her this morning and he was already here!! I'm so thrilled that she had a fast labor and (from all indications) a positive birth experience!! I can't wait to see him!

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