# of meals?

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# of meals?

I've got to ask... How many 'meals' are you LO's having now? Are you doing a breakfast, lunch & dinner type thing?? Ohhhh and how much are they eating??

DF & I are butting heads right now. I keep trying to explain to him that food is more for play right now over nutrients but he just doesn't grasp that. He thinks she should be eating a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner and not BFing as much...

Since we introduced food she's become slightly constipated so I don't want to pound food down her throat & make it worse...

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just lunch. i was kinda worried that i should be giving him more but i saw on here most of you ladies arn't giving tons of food:) when he eats it's maybe two ounces? then he seems bored haha. i have smaller ice cube trays so i am guessing how much they hold. he hasn't really grasped holding food and sticking it in his mouth (or he is lazy!!) so i havn't really put food down for him to just go at yet. he also gets it most days, but not every day and he gets a bottle afterwards.

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What's your DF's reasoning? Does he simply not want you BFing as much? Want me to smack him around a bit? 'Cuz I will. It's getting hot here so a trip northward might be nice. Even if it's just for a smacking.

Anything other than BM or formula is just for fun right now. Some babies take to it quickly and want to eat everything under the sun. Others ... not so much. How much and how often is completely dependent upon the baby. Given her constipation issues, I wouldn't force anything on her.

As for what we're doing, Teagan gets one real meal per day, lunch, and really only during the week. She eats like a little piggy at daycare. I'm now sending two 2-ounce containers and some days she eats it all :eek:. But, she hasn't been taking the bottle recently so she's making up for it, I guess. She NEVER eats anything close to that amount at home. She gets breakfast maybe every other day. It depends mostly on her mood and how much time we have. Breakfast is usually some puffs (she eats like 5-10) and some yogurt (she eats anywhere between nothing and a few big person spoonfuls). Lately, I've been offering dinner as well. More because it keeps her happy while I'm cooking than because I think she needs/wants it. Dinner is usually more puffs (most end up on the floor) and whatever I have around. Last night it was about a 1/2 cup of applesauce. Then she nibbles off our plates. And by nibbles, I mean nibbles. Like 8 grains of rice. It's all about experimentation right now. Don't sweat it!

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Ya, I'm kinda not going to the whole BLW thing... I'm too paranoid; even tho she wants to grab at everything that DF and I are eating. But it's allllllll puree's here. Lately tho, she won't open her mouth for the spoon when we bring it up to her; she sips on the spoon... Lol... The ice cube trays we have are a bit small too, so I think two cubes might be two ounces... but she doesn't always eat it all either, she gets really bored really quickly... or maybe easily distracted... Blum 3

Ohhhh, Erin... he's totally fine w Bfing, he's all for it; he just for some reason has this thought process that her eating food means she just doesn't need to eat from me as much...

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I give Simon breakfast, afternoon snack and dinner. Breakfast usually consists of a few baby mouthfuls of cereal, snack is a mummum, and dinner can range from almost a whole baby jar so like 4 ounces, to just a few mouthfuls depending on his mood. He too was getting constipated so I give him a couple of ounces of prune/apple juice a day and that seems to keep things moving.

I am the queen of paranoia with how much he's eating/drinking....and he put on 2 pounds from months 6-7......so dont worry if she isnt eating too much as Simon proves they dont need much!

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Breakfast and dinner. And a bite or two of what ever I'm having for lunch. For breakfast he has a weetabix and for dinner he has LOADS. I know it's supposed to be fun but he seriously will eat anything in front of him. He has a stage 2 jar (so 4oz) and a piece of fruit, today it was half a steamed apple. Today he was still hungry so he also had a baby yoghurt. He still BFs 4-5 times a day and once at night. He just eats so much. I'm sure if I gave him a proper meal at lunch he would eat that too. I just can't seem to fill him up!!

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I do a tiny bit for breakfast...and a little for lunch.
We only do rice cereal...and she will have a spoonful of peas mixed in w/ the rice for lunch...I am taking my time w/ introduction...I have time:0)

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Some days DS gets nothing. Other days I'll give him food twice. Never really a meal by any means though. If I eat scrambled eggs, I give him two little strips of my eggs. If we have zucchini with dinner, I'll steam 2 little strips for him. And he barely eats any of it. He's doing better with chewing, but some stuff he'd rather spit out than swallow. lol. The most he's eaten in one sitting is 1/8 of a waffle followed by 4 bites of sweet potato.

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Ronin loves his food so much. I send breakfast to daycare which he has with them at morning tea time because he loves to eat with the older kids, and lunch, I send a rusk in case he cracks it at afternoon tea time and wants to be with the big kids. He sometimes gets finger food at dinner time, but not everynight, mostly it's just to distract him while I eat and he really doesn't swallow any. He gets about 1 oz of fruit with some cereal for break fast and abou 1 oz- 1.5oz of veggies at lunch. Some days he eats it all, others not so much.

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I've been really slow about introducing foods because I am lazy. So far Isabelle eats a bit of applesauce for lunch and I try to introduce a new food after her supper breastfeed which she isn't all that excited about since she is full after breastfeeding. Food before one year is just for practice.

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Madison gets Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. She gets cereal for breakfast, not exactly sure how much but it seems like a good amount. Then for lunch & dinner she gets a fruit and veggie. She will eat two Stage 1 tubs for both lunch and dinner. She also still gets plenty of formula during the day too. She loves to eat the actual food though!

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Its hit or miss here. Usually I will try to giver her something one time a day. Most of the time she will only eat a 1/4 of the jar, sometimes half and then later I will try to give her the rest. Usually though a whole jar can last me 2 days. Other than that is just plain ole BM..

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Lucas gets 2 meals a day right now, sometimes breakfast and lunch, sometimes lunch and dinner. Depends on what we are doing that day when I can fit it in. For one meal he will eat a whole jar of stage 2 veggies. The other meal is about the same amt of rice cereal w/ a little formula mixed in. I have also started sitting him in his high chair while we eat dinner and giving him a pack of Baby Mum Mums (2 in a pack). He does really well w/ getting them to his mouth, and eats about 1/2 of them while the other 1/2 ends up in a mess all over him. Biggrin I think when I get back from vacation I am going to add a 3rd meal of fruit to his daily routine.

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To be honest, Owen gets food whenever I find the time to prepare and serve it to him! We strongly believe in eating meals together as much as possible, so if I don't have time to defrost puree for him he gets a mum mum during our meal time. I've been giving him tidbits of my food too, when it seems appropriate. Wink