milk allergy?

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milk allergy?

so for almost two weeks now I have been giving Lucas an extra 2 ounces of milk in his bottle with formula. Not for every bottle, but most of them. Last Thursday or Friday my DCP mentioned that he had diarrhea and to just look out for it. He was fine on the weekend, but he did poop twice and both times he screamed when he did it. It also STUNK!! like I could smell him across the room lol. His poop looked normal though so I stopped giving milk just in case. Yesterday my DCP gave him some again and today he had two diarrhea poops again. could this be an allergy or does he need to "adjust"? i have given him plenty of things that had milk in them and he was fine in the past. We are also stopping milk for now

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Apparently when I was a baby I couldnt have milk because it gave me diarrhea. I read somewhere that milk fat is bigger so it's harder to digest and can cause diarrhea. I used to drink goat's milk and was fine. I can drink cow milk now no problem.

Maybe try goat's milk and see if it happens still or goes away? Most likely he will out grow it if it is the fat thing.

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I guess allergies can manifest in different ways, but my first thought was lactose intolerance. Maybe just a slight intolerance if he doesn't have issues with the formula? I'm having an issue with Lyla where she gets a horrid, blistery diaper rash whenever she has whole milk. My mom said that I was the same way and that I couldn't drink whole milk until I was nearly 2 years old due to this problem. We are also stopping the whole milk for now.

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i never thought about lactose intolerance...he hasn't had problems with his formula except when i went to step two but he had constipation so I switched back to step one. Blistery diaper rashes sound horrible.

Mona, I might try goats milk or i might just wait. there's also soy

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I would think that if he was lactose intolerant the formula would bother his system as well? I'm no expert, but unless you are using soy formula or hypoallergenic then there would be cows milk in it anyways.

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I think that maybe formula doesn't always cause the issues because of how it's formulated and it's processed. I guess I could look into it an know for sure. I have noticed that Lyla started getting diaper rashed after we started formula, but it was never bad, she would just get a little pinker now and again and an occasional rash that required cream. Once I started giving her whole milk I noticed it that she would get a raging red rash very suddenly. With this last one, she woke up from a nap at 5pm and her skin was clear and then at 6:30pm she had really bright red rash with blisters and all. I had given her whole milk in a sippy after lunch.

ETA: I'm still researching, but so far I have found out that the protein and fat in whole milk are harder for an infant's system to digest. I would imagine that this could cause constipation and/or diarrhea. (Found my info on kellymom and wholesomebabyfood)

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My DD is allergic to cow's milk. Any formula that was cow's milk based and anything that I ate milk-based when I was bf was bad for her. She had to have hypoallergenic formula, so I'm thinking that if it were an actual milk allergy he would have had some reaction before now with the formula he has been drinking.

Basically she was very collicky from the start, almost never happy those 1st few months. She would spit up constantly and started spitting up blood. That's when I really knew something was wrong. Switching her to hypoallergenic made a night and day difference. I have tried twice (under doctor's suggestion) to try the switch to cow's milk b/c they usually outgrow it eventually. Once at 1 yr, and once at 2 yrs, and both times she still had a bad reaction to it, so the ped just said to keep her off of it for good. When she has milk or yogurt she breaks out in a rash all over her body, starting on her chest and around her mouth, but it spreads if she continues to have milk. She does also get stomach problems from it as well. So she has been drinking soy milk ever since she turned one, and still loves it. They make soy yogurt as well that she loves too.

Idk if allergies do present themselves differently in different children, but it doesn't sound like it affects Lucas the same way it does my DD. It could be lactose intolerance, though I've heard that is very,very rare in children younger than 5. It could also be that his little tummy isn't used to the actual milk and needs to adjust. Or it could be something else entirely that is causing him to have diarrhea. In any case, if stopping milk helps him then you should definitely do that and then maybe try to reintroduce it very slowly in a few months and see if it still affects him. I hope you can figure it out and it gets better soon!

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I would think if it were a true allergy, you would have noticed it with his formula. Most likely an intolerance. I'd try goats milk and see how he does with that.

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Being intolerant at 1 year is pretty common. Their little systems just can't always handle milk by itself. I was going to introduce whole milk to Aiden, but I've decided to let him get a bit older since I worry about him being intolerant. DH has let Aiden have sips of his 1% milk and it's caused Aiden to be a lot fussier than normal, so I've stopped that. Aiden only BFs 3 times in 24 hours now and part of me was worried about him needing more, but then I realized how much other calcium packed food he gets and vitamin D isn't an issue in TX!

I'd say that Lucas just can't handle digesting all the complexities of whole milk just yet. In time, he'll probably do just fine.