Mobility Freight Train!

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Mobility Freight Train!

Teagan went from sitting and occasionally getting down her belly and screaming to full on terrorizing the house with her mobility over night. Seriously, two days ago, I could plop her down, leave the room for a minute, and she'd be in the same spot when I got back. Yesterday, I watched the mobility switch flip. Literally, she was on her belly doing her thing and suddenly started moving forward with some speed! Life as we know it has changed. At least she's far less frustrated now. Smile OK, off to do some baby proofing!

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Yay Teagan! I know its crazy! Chloe got ahold of a cookie and some chocolate yesterday, she screamed at me as I took them away. They are so fast!

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Augh. I've typed up a response twice now and each time the internet eats it and stops working!

Anyways, have fun baby proofing! Wink

DS never stays still. He flips everywhere constantly. Even caught him trying to go down the hall this morning, which is a new one since it requires turning corners!

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I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad my baby doesn't move. DS1 is going to have to do some serious toy moving. Loads of his things are choke-on-able. He won't be happy.

Well done Teagan

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Welcome to my crazy world, sister!

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Oh yay, something to look forward to Smile

Well done, Teagan, give mommy a run for her money!

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LOL!!! We all knew it was bound to happen sooner than later!! That gorgeous little girl of yours is a trouble maker!! Blum 3 Have fun baby proofing!! Way to go Teagan!!

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WTG Teagan! She is keeping you on your toes.

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it happened the same way with my DD... one day she was immobile, the next day she saw a train going on a track on the floor (at the house where we were visiting) and booked it over there and hasn't stopped since. and i've been exhausted ever since. lol

i'm so glad micah is still only rolling belly to back and is perfectly content with that, since brian is starting to wiggle and worm his way all over - gives me a little time before i have to chase both of them. :eek: