That moment in life where you realise......

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That moment in life where you realise......

.... your super secret ninja power is nothing more than (warning a bit gross ahead)

being able to catch your child's vomit. We were at lunch today and started to make a choking sound then as I patted his back he started to puke and I caught the whole lot in my hand. He's perfectly fine now, he's runnign a track around the house from the computer area, through the dining room to the back part of the living room with a toy lawn mower.

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Both gross and totally awesome. Ah, motherhood. Could you ever have imagined!? Lol

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No I never thought a nice lazy Sunday lunch ( well brunch seeing as I ordered off the breakfast menu, scrambled eggs were the only soft thing they serve) would involve that.

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My secret ninja skill is getting a toddler covered in poop away from the dinner table and changed without making other patrons vomit.

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It's weird how one day your think "BLEH PUKE!!" and the next you think nothing of catching it!

Glad he's ok

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Nice job!! I don't think I could achieve that. Lyla randomly puked this morning too. No signs that she's sick at all, but she has been cranky for a few days.

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i've caught his puke with my body before. Where instead of puking all over himself and the floor he puked all on me instead Blum 3 I don't think anything of it. DH on the other hand gets totally grossed out.

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Hubby thought the whole situation was hilarious, but was laughing to much to really be of any help.

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ah yes. The joys of bodily functions of small ones lol. Closest encounter we've had recently was when I wasn't quick enough to keep Charlie from feeding a friend one of her boogers on a playdate.

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Oh fun. Lol

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Oh yummy, I remember doing that when DD1 was a wee one. There's just some jobs as a mother I'd prefer not to have often, and that is one of them! And of course, pretty much anything involving poop outside of a diaper!