More belly pics

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More belly pics

I've been taking them every 2 weeks but slacked this month on sharing them.
Here are my 32 and 34 week pics

Not much change, phew.
Ohhh, I forgot. Here is 32 weeks with Odin.

Similar I guess.

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I'd say you're carrying lower this time, but it could be the angle of the camera. You are looking great. Can't believe you're getting so close!

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I think it looks like you dropped a bit from 32 to 34 weeks. . . I love how perfect your belly is though.

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I think you dropped a bit too. You are looking great!

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you look awesome! you are almost there Biggrin are you ready?

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Agreed, I think you've dropped! Or you're carrying differently in which case I adamantly say GIRL! Beautiful belly!

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Love the bump!

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Great bump pics!!