Most Hated Baby Names

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Most Hated Baby Names

Laugh with me at this list of most hated baby names please.

Several of these I consider to be quite normal. And of course Aiden's name is on there! We have yet to meet another Aiden IRL. Blum 3

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I have a friend's kid or niece or nephew with almost every single name on that list. No, seriously, some of them are brand new babies too. Smile

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i do not like most of those so i agree with the list Lol Way before we were even TTC i liked the name Aiden but then there was a HUGE explosion of names ending in "ayden" like seriously, every kid out in public was an Aiden, jayden, braydon, caydon. I still like the name, but it is way too popular here. I guess it is a geographic thing.

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I only like Addison & Madison on the girl's list. Put me in the gender bending category I guess. After all, Teagan is the male pronunciation of a Gaelic name. For the boys, I'll admit that I'm not a fan of the Aiden/Brayden/Hayden batch but not because I don't like the names. I actually REALLY like them. I hate that everyone else on Earth really likes them and therefore bumped them up to the top 10. I couldn't ever bring myself to give my kid a top 10 name. Aiden was my favorite baby boy name up until about 5 years ago when its popularity exploded. Teagan has an Aden & a Kayden in her class. Bohdan & Logan were on my boy list for Teagan. I figured they were far enough away from Aiden. Now that I have a Teagan though, I couldn't bring myself to name my next kid anything ending in -an.

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I'm really suprised Chloe's name was not on there! lol! Sometimes I wish I named her Amelia, because it is such a pretty name. but I am sure if I did, I would have just thought about how I should have named her Chloe. Amelia is her middle name though..
I love the name Aiden. I also loved Riley for a boy when I was pregnant with Trevor and Glenn refused because he worked at O'reilly's at the time..

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I wonder what she is basing this on? Did she do a survey, or just make this up?

Lucas was almost named Aiden. It was like #2 on my list, and I still love the name! I do agree that all the rhyming variations are a bit annoying when you list them all together though. Ashley - I really, REALLY wanted to name Lily Amelia because I absolutely love the name, but her dad wouldn't let me Sad

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I don't think "most hated baby names" is an accurate title for that list. They really mean "names that are most likely to elicite a negative reaction from some people who might actually have strong opinions one way or the other about your child's name" or "names that some people don't like and when asked they are actually able to nail down a specific reason as to why they don't 'like' them" but I supposed "most hated" is catchier....

A lot of those names are pretty popular. Personally, one of my favorite boy names was Hayden, but we crossed it off because of the Aiden/Kaden/Brayden, etc thing, but that is just for us personally and it doesn't bother me if someone else uses those names - I like all of them! I am also not a fan of the Madison/Kennedy/Reagan, etc naming for girls, but again, to each their own. I'd be pretty boring if we all named our kids the same thing (and confusing).