My Bump Has Arrived!

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My Bump Has Arrived!

Seriously just arrived over the last week it seems. I'm pretty excited to finally look like I've got a baby in there!

Here is what I posted earlier on the April BB....

I've had some serious growth lately. Mostly the last 2 weeks I think. I actually look preg. now and had 2 random people ask me this week when I was due!

Here is 12, 16, and then today at 18 weeks.

LOL, it took me 4 weeks to get that mini bump and then 2 weeks to get a real bump :eek:
We are finally going to be telling our family that we are expecting next week at Thanksgiving dinner. This bump is all of a sudden going to be a lot harder to hide until dinner time!

Oh, and I have my big u/s at 12:30 on Tuesday. We are not finding out the gender this time so there will be less fun stuff to share. I will be watching the whole thing though so I'm totally open making my own guess which could be way off. Hopefully I'll at least get some nice pics of the LO.

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That is one seriously gorgeous bump!!! I say GIRL! :D:p I can't believe you are not going to find out! I know I wouldn't be able to stand the suspense!! Have fun telling the family!

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Nice bump Wink

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Very nice bump! Good luck w hiding it till then! Lol. Smile

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Very cute bump!

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and a nice bump at that!! Do you think they will know once you walk inside or you going to try to hide it until dinner?

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Love Love Love that bump!! I have bump envy! lol!

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What a cute bump? How do you plan to hide it? Big poofy jacket?

I'm going to guess boy. You make really cute boys so the world would be happy to see another one.

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"laurensmitty1982" wrote:

and a nice bump at that!! Do you think they will know once you walk inside or you going to try to hide it until dinner?

I'm totally trying to hide it till dinner. Every year we go around and say what we are thankful for. This year we are going to tell everyone that Odin is thankful for getting to be a big brother in April. I think everyone will be very suprised.

I've got some loose flowing tops that don't hug any curves so I'm hoping that one of those will hid the bump. Or maybe a baggy sweater over my regular top? I hate looking frumpy though and all my loose tops are kinda blah. It shows way more when I am holding Odin so I'm going to have DH do any holding before dinner.

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That's a lovely bump!!

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You look super cute! Have fun telling the fam!

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I love that bump!!! Good luck keeping it a secret, I hope you are able to and they are surprised.