My climber

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My climber

Juliet gets on the couch this way, when ever she gets the chance. We usually pick up the chair, when DS is not using it. You can hear us discussing the weather in the background. DS wanted to know if we could skate on ice pellets.

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you mean that's not safe Wink

She's very good at it!! Lol

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Oh my! What an interesting way to get on the couch! Lol

I'm really grateful that Aiden can't get on the couch yet. When he is on the couch he just walks right off of it. Kid still hasn't figured out how to get off of that and the bed like most babies figure out well before a year. :roll:

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Woah! I love her tuck and roll method!

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What a cute little monkey you have!!! Clara is definitely not that talented yet.

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That is so cute!!!