My Girl :)

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My Girl :)

I should introduce my daughter to whoever doesn't know her Smile
She is turning one on the 29th of October - and yes, I take lot of photos of her!!

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Oh wow, her eyes are amazing. She's beautiful TFS!!

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She's beautiful! Do you make her hats?

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Those are precious. I can't believe how big she is....such a cutie!!!

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So cute! I love your siggie pic. You take wonderful photos!

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TFS! Smile

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Love all the pictures! TFS. She is so beautiful!

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She's so cute! You take such great pictures, and I love your siggy pic!

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Omgoodness! She is gorgeous!!!! Biggrin

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So cute!!!

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So cute! TFS!

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She is gorgeous and just look at those beautiful eyes! TFS!

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she has beautiful eyes!

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Thanks ladies!!
She is half Fijian so that's where her big brown eyes come from Smile
I do make her hats Smile
She looks big but really she is very tiny - she only weighs 7.7kg's and is on the 25th percentile for weight - she's been walking since 8 months which makes her look all grown up lol
And I've been a photographer for 11 years which makes me slightly obsessed with taking her photo Smile

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Very cute! I like her rainbow leggings Smile