My new exciting venture!

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My new exciting venture!

It was offical today, that I'm now a consultant for Thirty One gifts. I am so overly excited about this I'm trying not to scream out loud as I type this. DH & I are hoping that this will give us a little bit of extra $$ but I'm also excited about meeting all of these new women and making some new friends. They have some awesome stuff. So if you ever want to check it out :
I just love how God answers prayers and puts things out there for us!

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That is SO cool! I hope you do well and have fun!

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That is exciting! I'm happy for you.

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I just recently heard of this company! I Hope you make lots of friends and extra money!

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I love their products!! Congratulations, I hope you do well!!

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Congrats! I just took a look through the catalogue. There is some really cute stuff!

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That's awesome!! I LOVE their products!!! Biggrin

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Awesome! I'm going to a Thirty-One party that one of my co-workers is having next weekend. I'm excited to buy some cute stuff!

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Congrats! I hope you enjoy it! I'm about to get into Pure Romance, so I'm right there with you!