My poor baby (TMI)

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My poor baby (TMI)

All week Tobey has had a cold. A bad cold. He's been really snotty and congested. He's also been pretty bunged up in the bum department too because of the solids

Well at dinner he didn't want his solids which I thought was unusual as he usually eats everything and more. Then when I got him ready for bed he had a HUGE poo (I mean HUGE...Like, he might not poo for a month again now kind of amount). Then he coughed up loads of snot and threw up Sad

The same thing happens to DS1 when he's got a cold, all the snot builds up in his belly resulting in big squirty poos and throwing up.

He cried for ages..poor baby. I feel so bad for him. I just hope he sleeps ok tonight as there is literately nothing left inside him Sad

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Aww hang in there! I know, that is rough when they're sick like that. Owen chokes on his spit up all the time and will vomit because of the coughing, I hate it! It makes me sad.

Hopefully he kicks that cold soon, it seems to really be making the rounds this year, at least in my neck of the woods.

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Oh no! Poor little guy. That was us word for word 2 weeks ago. I stopped giving her solids because it was just making things worse. Nursing her in the steamy shower and/or just sitting in the bathroom with the shower running helped a lot. We did it 1-2 times per day, usually before bed and it really helped her get the rest she needed to recover.

Hope he feels better soon!

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Ohhhhh poor baby Sad That's awful!! I hope he sleeps better now that he's gotten 'everything' out of his system! I hate when babies are sick... it breaks my heart. Get better quick Tobey!!

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Awww, poor guy. Hope he rests well tonight and starts to feel better soon.